My Dad Caught Me

yeah he caught me with sexual pics on my laptop when i was 16....some nude and some with schoolgirl outfits on or bra and was not pretty, he yelled so much and i lost my laptop for a few months...

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would love to see those

He probably kept the lap top so he could have another look when he was alone x

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you look pretty for a girl

I bet they were really hot!

My daughter did the same thing. I think you dad over reacted. It would have been much better to just discuss the consequences with you. I'm not sure what you did after you got your laptop back, but I'm guessing you may have taken more nude pictures...just hid them better. I know that yelling at my daughter would have just made things worst. Instead, I showed her stories of what happened to girls when the photos went out. I also taught her how to encrypt files on her computer and phone. She's in college now and taking naughty pics with phones and exchanging them is very common. But, she now knows where to draw the line.

Great advice!

did he like any of the pics? just kidding

Great will you be my friend

if i found my kids nude pics i would be upset too. but since i havent , its pretty fing hot. if he was your step dad thats spanking material. LOL

I would be happy to visit and take fresh pictures.

sorry i already deleted them lol

don't worry any pics on here are from after my 18th bday

oh your so awesome to take time out of your busy schedule to judge my pics jake! : )

lol i have some on my profile...but i'll think about it


i believe in show an tell,lol.

lol i dont think so

i think they should be posted to me , for safe keeping lol

lmao : )

naughty naughty girl :-)