I Didnt Have Any Problems With My Mental Health:(

I'm happily married to the same man now for 15 years. My mental illnesses started as soon as I had my first child. The doctor's said I had a chemical inbalance. I went through really bad post partumn depression. One day I went to Walmart. I was looking at baby stuff while my husband was in another part of the store.My heart started raising I felt paralyzed. I never told anyone then I was scared.I was having my first anxiety attack. Then I hid that for him feeling crazy to even say it. When it was time to go anywhere else I never would go. But I told him and my Doctor. The doctors said it was postpartom depression so bad I ended up in a stress care unit. I was given alot of medicine. Didn't help. Fastforward now I have three kids. I had a total hysterectomy a few years ago and now I just feel worthless due to that. Manmade hormones are not the same.I'm just not the same person anymore
bridget81 bridget81
31-35, F
Dec 2, 2012