I Was Completely Changed By Dancing

  I used to be so shy. I never talked much. I was always kind of in the corner, in the shadows, just observing, listening. And sometimes I hated it. It seemed so hard to just talk to someone, to socialize. I never imagined what I am going to tell would happen to me.

I was never into dancing. I hated the thought of dancing. I had the slightest of interests in flamenco dancing, but it was too expensive and too far away from where I lived for me to take classes. But this has changed my view of dancing entirely. It all started one day during drama class, when my teacher said:

"Now, class, usually we have drama, but today we're going to do something a bit different. If you look on a report card, you'll notice that under "The Arts" there are 3 sections: Visual arts, music, and drama... and dance. My heart stopped at that second. The first thought that came to mind was "oh f*** I'm going to have to dance to one of those s***** songs by Rhianna or Miley Cyrus or another one of those s**** that are only famous because they're pretty." But it was quite different.

I, fortunately, was able to get a wonderful group. The people in it were open-minded. We picked an absolutely wonderful song that was like a flamenco and south american mix of a guitar song. And oh, our dance was so beautiful. And that was when I felt the fire come out of me. All the energy that had been cooped up inside me. It just burst out.

Nobody expected it. I didn't expect it. No one could figure out this enigma of my sudden energy, my sudden fearlessness, my sudden boldness. I was in the middle there, the lead dancer, in the front, the main focus! I had never expected it. No one else had either. And I was up there, doing something I had never liked doing before, fearlessly, without single care in the world, twirling, twisting, moving so gracefully.

Unfortunately, many of the people in my class are disgustingly closed-minded and only think that that s*** they play sung by those horrible crap celebrities you hear about with their endless scandals. Most of them laughed at it. I was called a **** because they couldn't handle the fact that I moved my hips. But I don't care. We don't care. We did it for us solely and those who appreciated it, not for anyone else. Our teacher loved it. We loved it. That was all that mattered. I said to them all, "No matter what they say, always keep your head held high."

And oh, now I am so energized, so happy, so much more social! Wherever I go I am dancing, ondulating, twirling, twisting, music or not. I feel like a bird freed from a cage, an animal freed from its bounds. The fire just burns in my soul. I am so confident now. I feel like I can do almost anything. I feel so much happier. I have never felt such ecstasy. I feel so alive.

Oh, someone must be watching me up in the sky. Life has been so good for me for the last year. I am so grateful for this, for those people in my group, for how this has changed me. I never knew a simple school project could change so much.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

That is great. I was like you. I was so shy. I had this really quiet voice and I would hangout by myself most f the time. I finally got introduced to dancing and I love it. I am no longer shy like I was. <br />
Good for you. Keep on dancing. Don't go back.<br />
Your story is really amazing. Very inspirational.

I love dancing also