A Teenage Male Had His Diapers Changed In Public

Growning up 14 to 17 yrs old the last thing in the world I ever wanted is to have my buddys to know was that I was incontinect both ways and that I wore diapers and rubber pants and that my grandmother often changed me.but not by my choice I commplained to my father many of times . All he ever would say is she your grandmother and you have nothing she have'nt seen before and thats the way it was back in the old country [ germany ] she did'nt stop to think even if some else was there she would just say it'stime to get changed I was able to get around for a while by saying she thought i still had my school cloth on but then I started staying way from the house as much as posiable to avoid her . She found me hanging out in the park playing ball or something with the guys and showing off for the girls. She would alway have a bag with everything she need to do the at hand and she would undress me in front of everybody and clean me and redress me .One day she made me so mad i yelledat her and coursed her refusing to let her embarrass me well that night i'm sure everybody in the town knew that i was getting the beating my life with every stroke of that belt agaist my bare flesh i screamedof course this was done in front my brothers and sisters so would know what to expect if they ever raised there voice to grandma and nothing changed other than for a good week later I still had a very sore butt and she continued to change me .
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she did not ever hit me that was p to my father and he did plentt of it by todays standards he would be arested for child abuse but m father never understood that i di not wet & mess myself on purpose belvyou me if i could have stopped i would have done anything to stop the beating and the embarrassment that ihad growing up.

How many strokes do you think your grandmama gave you? Did she ever give you a beating before that evening?