I Was Cheated On and the Guy Left the Girl Pregnant

I was in love with this guy. i trusted him in everything until he broke up with me. i wanted to know what was going on with him because i noticed that before he broke up with me, he was begining to fade away from me. i asked him but he didn't want to say why. turns out that he cheated on me and left the girl pregnant. i was devastated. i wanted to kill myself. but my best friend talked me out of it and now thanks to her support and my mothers support, im still standing here alive. with out GOD being there for me, I would have been dead!!!

18-21, F
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I am glad you are ok and still alive.You will fall in love many times befor you find the man you want to marry and have children with.<br />
Y ou never want to give all your love it can be to painful.