Who I Thought The Love Of My Life :(

Hello everyone, I thought about adding my story in order to feel better, I’m 23 years old girl, I knew a 31 years old man through ICQ chat, first I was talking 2 him in order to improve my French which is his mother tongue, then he told me that I look like his mother, and I’m so kind just like her, day after day our relation got stronger however w never met in reality we continued chatting for more than 20 months, with a promise from him that one day he will come and visit me in my homeland, then I discovered that he chatting with other girl telling her my sweetheart, when I faced him by that , he told me she is a handicapped young girl and I only treat her like a sister, I decided to talk to the girl directly, and I found the poor girl believed that he loves her too, I know I’m stupid coz I trusted a man who I only knew through internet, but the harsh thing that I’m shy and I cant develop a relationship in reality ,at the end thanx all
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Im so sorry for you. I imagine how much this must have hurted. I first meet my boyfriend online, but we just talked, them I went on vacations to switzerland to soend time with my family and he went from germany to meet me in person. we hit it off, got together, but i had to go back to my homeland. we were one year in the distance. only saw in the vacations. now i live with him in germany, but i imagine how i would have felt when i put myself in your shoes. some relationships that start online DO work out, thats why im telling you all that, because not all men are pieces of sh*t. if you ever meet someone nice online again, dont let this hold you back,<br />
You desearve better.<br />
best of luck