Not My Current One..

...but seriously the last 3 relationships i'd had, i'd been cheated on. part of the reason me and my current guy got along so well at the beginning is we had that in common...both were tired of unfaithful partners...2  years later, we're still each other's only ones!
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4 Responses Mar 6, 2007

it's true...the two of us will celebrate our 3 year anniversary in march :) <br />
i am so glad that we found each other...i believe that maybe, maybe it was in the stars or whatever you want to say that we both DID get cheated on...otherwise we wouldn't have ended up with each other :)

For me, I noticed that the people who really were cheated on, and not just saying that, are the people who don't cheat cause they know how bad it hurts.

know what ya mean. my ex husband did nothing but cheat on me and i didn't know till after i kicked him out for other stuff... he was even sleeping with our next door neighbor!! good luck, may this be the one that works

I think the fact that you both have been hurt and cheated on will definatley work in your favor. You both have experienced that pain that an unfaithful relationship can bring. I wish you both the very best together!