How Do I Turn Break Into Break-up?

He cheated on me over a year ago. I know my feelings will never grow, but i am too lonely to walk away. I am afraid if i leave him i will have no one to turn to that has to come. he complains that i don't trust him, but every time i start to he does something else. He holds girls hands, is still friends with "that girl", is friends with girls that want to be with him, and talks to everyone more than he does me. He thinks he is doing so much.. but he is doing nothing... why am i afraid to be without him? i'm fine when i'm single, but the break-up is always hard for me, even if i am breaking up with him.
DamageddGoods DamageddGoods
18-21, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

You have abandonment issues. I see that your father abandoned you, and that's the reason break-ups are hard for you. Therapy may help after a while. <br />
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Just realize that you are important, worthy and lovable.