Dear ex.
Why did you have to do this to me? We were so perfect and happy, we saw each other every day then all of the sudden you started making excuses not to hang out with me. We didnt see each other for about a month and a half.. So I see you liked these pictures of a girl on Facebook, I didn't freak out.. But then I saw you liked every picture she posted and every statues she updated. & I knew she liked you because she is my best friend. Yeah my best friend. You hung out with her, you sent her dirty pictures and texts.. So know because of you I didn't only loose one person in my life, I lost two because obviously my best friend doesnt care enough to tell me that you did this, I had to find out on my own. You're such a jerk.
Lexigymnast Lexigymnast
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

Guys ARE's beginning to become almost impossible to trust men now because you don't know if they will be faithful. Is it really necessary to cheat..ughh. sorry.