And It Only Proves...

that he isn't worthy of dating me.  I have standards for whoever I date and in cheating on me, he failed them.  I think he was surprised that I wasn't angry when he told me and asked me not to leave him.  I told him that we could always be friends but I would not stay with someone who either didn't think fidelity was important or wasn't strong enough to uphold his convictions.
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5 Responses Jun 1, 2007

hear, hear!

Good for you! Standing up for your morals and being positive and proactive are qualities that I find very admirable.

yeah, I third that. One of the best things about growing up is getting to act like a grown up. Personally, I have only been cheated on twice; the first time, it hurt like hell (really funny story, too, by the way) and the second time, it just hurt my ego more than anything...I don't get jealous, and, if my partner wanted someone besides me-then she could go for it. It would be her loss.

Thats awesome that you didn't hesitate to let him go! Good for you! You know you deserve and will get better!

Good for you - that shows real character!