So Confused

So, they say when you have that "gut" feeling, it usually means that something isn't right. Well, I've had that feeling for awhile now.  My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years decided out of boredom, so he says, to join a dating chat site on his cell phone. He continued to chat with the same girl via text and talking on the phone.  I did some investigating, and found out myself that he had been doing this behind my back.  My world ended just like that.  Come to find out, she's 18, pregnant and has a boyfriend of her own. He told her that when I was out of town, he would help her come down here so he could see her and be with her.  He also said that he wanted to be the father of her baby. At first he tried denying he knew what I was talking about.  Then, he said he did it out of boredom.  He refuses to talk about it and says that it is all my fault.  The funny thing is, I never did anything at all, but give him all the love I had/have. I told him to pack his stuff and leave, then I felt bad for whatever reason and begged him to stay.  I think part of me wants to let him go, but I know he needs to go. He is just going to keep doing it again and again seeing how he thinks he did nothing wrong.  I feel so lost and confused.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  He has acted if nothing happened the last few days and is trying to cater to my every need- can you say GUILTY!!  Whenever I try and bring up what happened to him, he gets mad and starts yelling at me and blaming me for random things. I just don't have a very good feeling anymore.
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I too have that gut feeling, have had it for 14 years. he also yells at me when I bring up his cheating affairs. It hurts really bad and I think he has no remorse, but I am still with him. I understand.

Get rid of him.!!!

Yelling at his own girlfriend is wrong..ignoring the fact of what took place is definitely a NO NO. I beleive your boyfriend is the type of guy who will not face the 'fact' and admit his error hence all this yelling and not allowing you to bring out the issue anymore. he is feeling very guilty and embarrased thats for sure. If you would like to continue this relationship, you have to forget and move on. Never to bring up his embarrasment ever again. However if you would like to end this relationship then by all means ...release what is trap in your heart and brain once and for all...with no regrets.<br />
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There are far more better guys out there just that you have not meet them...yet. I beleive with this experience of yours, you will become a very strong lady at heart in days to come.<br />
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Take care<br />

I think you're first reaction to throw him out was right, he doesn't think he did anything wrong and doesn't want to address the issue, the means it will not change.