I still keep going round to his.

He still hugs me and tells me he loves me.

I helped him buy jeans yesterday, jeans his new Jewish women will probably comment on. As if jdate is not enough he's on Tinder?!?

I hate him and love him and hate him and love him and hate him.

I really need to get him out of my system and stop seeing him. I'm just being used.
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He's not worth it my ex cheated on me too and I didn't leave him because his mom begged me to forgive him. I stayed with him but was miserable after that. I felt disrespected. I started feeling depressed and realized he wasn't worth my time and effort. I left him in July and found someone new by August. I've been happy since then. You need to start thinking about yourself. I had a low self-esteem when I was with my ex I felt ugly because he cheated on me with an older woman. When I left him I realized I am beautiful from the inside and outside and that he wasn't worth my time and effort.

Cheating is one of the single worst offenders, and unless it happens right at the beginning of a relationship, there is no reasonable excuse to stay attached after this, if you ask me. You said it yourself, you really need to cut all ties with him. Every second you spend with him is him manipulating you. Why do you stay around him in the first place? Sure, you still love him, but he did the most disrespectful thing he could ever have done to you. Have respect for yourself and just run away from that creep.

Thanks I'm gna try tomorrow is a new day I'm gna try. Get slimmer eat healthy get a new job move the fk on I'm gna try x

Ignore him and remind yourself that he cheated on you and lost your respect, he is only using you and you should have nothing to do with him. What you are showing is extreme weakness for someone who isn't worth it. That enough is to make you shameful and stop following under his tail.

Thanks I need to hear this

So sorry forget abt him and move on.


Easier said than done!

Start a new relationship with me,i will make u forget abt him.

Ha if u were local maybe I would ! I'm in the uk!

No i am not Local but we are not far from eachother

let us know eachother first then later meet half way:)

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It's best to end it. I did too when my ex-boyfriend cheated on me. It was a good decision.

How did u cope ? How did you just cut it off I keep calling him and meeting up how did u move on?

I broke things off with him as soon as I found out. It left me hurt for a while and I was tempted to talk with him at first, but in the long run it was for the best.

Wow ur so strong I always keep thinking but he needs me! And he will soon see it! I keep thinking surely he is a nice guy he wouldn't do anything to hurt me I'm so weak!

So no texts no calls

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U need to cut communication completely! As hard as that is..

I try

I get so weak and call him I can't help but know about him

I know it sucks and when u finally turn a corner he will probably call you..u gotta tell him not too and delete his number (unless u have it memorised then we're all doomed lol). U gotta do it hun!!

Na not memorised!

U will meet someone that'll make u forget about him soon..

I really hope so.. U can read about my recent dates on I tried online dating!

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