Cheated By The Person Who Says He Loves Me

Ive been married for 3 years I found out this year in June that my husband was cheating on me with the mother of his daughter... I also have two kids with him... the day i found out was the day I died inside im still with him but the pain is there everyday... They way i found out was out of the blue he received a txt around 5am from a number asking him if he was already home and he had just got home from a gig and was out colded so I replied back saying this is his wife and he is asleep to call him later never did i think it was a girl on the other side or that it was his ex, she started txting back like crazy saying i knew who it was and that i was insecure thats why i had his phone etc.. just insulting me so at that point i knew it was a girl i woke him up and asked who is this txt you insulting me??? he said it was his drunk friend but i didnt give him his phone back then came a txt with a pic of his that night saying see i was with him he got all upset when i showed it to him snatched the phone and locked himself in the restroom little did he know that i memorized the number and looked it up on the internet and his it was his ex... i felt so betrayed but how could he do that if all the would say to everyone not just me that she was crazy a stalker never had one positive thing to say about her and neither did his family no one liked her.... then my cell started ringing and it was her i was at work by that time and i was a mess he swore on our kids he wasnt cheating one that he loved me he invited me to the beach (the kids where with my mom) i went a a couple of his friends where there we talked and said it was a big mistake she was just trying to brake us up so i believed him but i called her telling her that if she wouldnt not stop calling i was going to put a restraining order... but she was actually telling the the truth they were having a affair she sent me pic of her in bed with him her with my kids (he would go out with her when i was at work with my kids) them at parties with his friends at the park when he would play soccer... at resturaunts... arcades.... so many picutres of them together and I felt like i was stabbed on the back i just told her you can have him iam not going to fight you over him and i told him aswell of you want to be with her go i will not stop you and i left home... i will not lie i felt like crashing my car just to end the pain i felt inside that day but i can honestly say the only thing that keep me from doing that are my kids they need me more that anything.... im glad there were not home and at my moms because when i got home i broke down like a baby i cried like never before i would hit myself pull my hair ask God why did this happen to me what did i do wrong then i put all his stuff out his clothes guitars EVERYTHING! when he got home he knocked on the door and finally admitted to me he has been cheating on me with her i asked why what did i do??? he said he ****** up and i didnt deserve that and he was sorry to think about our kids that he wanted to work things out during all this she kept calling my phone non stop sending txt but i was just not even looking at my phone i could see anymore pictures... then he picked up my phone and started cussing at her that it was over calling her a who#@ everything you can imagine and i was just sitting there thinking to myself is this really happening then before you know it she was outside my house and wanted to confront both of us and tell me eveything like really what else do you want to tell me i know you ****** my husband anything worst that that!!! so what i did was call the police that a crazy girl was outside my house and would not leave and when they should up they took her out the car and asked what she was doing there from waht the cops told me she said I was bothering her really your at my house calling i have everything on my phone and she was ordered to leave... and she left.... i feel asleep on the floor in the kitchen from crying that night he was saying he was sorry and he would never do it again but there no way i can trust him again... we are still together and working it out i love him with all my heart and so do my kids but he killed a part of me that day... and i will never forget and im here typing my story i have tears in my eyes because this would will always be fresh....
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Im still living it! Its been at least 2 years abd it hirts just like it did the day i found out. Hes still denying they ever had sex, but he stayed thrre a week! Pulease! Im to the point who gives a ****! She or whoever can have his lying cheating no good ***! Peace would be priceless!

I too cried...;( has happened to me as well...n I completely agree ...a part of me also completely died on that day...;(;(...I m just not the same person again now...I pray everything becomes fine for u...

When I was reading your story I cried too......:"(

Aww dont cry =) life is just not easy

I know just how you feel. i have been there and I can tell you that feeling never goes away. You have to love yourself first!!! you have to remind yourself that everyday!. He needs to be patient with you!!, and if you still feel that in your heart he won't change, then listen to your heart!. i just found out after 19 years of marriage how things can change!!!, I am heartbroken myself

Thank you.... I do believe he is trying to change I hope he does since we have a family with together just hope I' am right but I will never trust him %100 that was a slap in the face...

yes, a slap in the face you are right. This is YOUR TIME!!!!!, He needs to realize who you are!!, show him!, do something good for you!!!
Just remember sometimes is better apart and happy then together and missarable!

so true! we are still together but im doing me and i kinda ignore him i dont call him or txt him as much and he does to me because its not my lost but his if he doesnt try and change