How Do I Trust?

How can you begin to learn to trust when all your life you were lied to?
During ever relationship you have ever been in they all ended the same way, with them lying, cheating then leaving.
How can you just take someones word that they are being honest, that they speak the truth without second guessing it?
I never believe people mostly men when they speak, I always think they have different motives, that they will all lie cheat and leave in the end.
What can be done to start to trust?
How can I just accept the answer without digging deeper into it, just trying to find the flaw, because in my mind I think they are lying and there is something to uncover but in reality there may be or may not be.
How do I learn to trust men?
Shawnnas Shawnnas
22-25, F
4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I trust too much.. Ive always trusted until given reason not to, and got screwed everytime. Ill never trust anyone again. Im looking out for my kids and me. Period

You can't learn to trust anyone because "all men have sinned". Trust only completely in God. If you're in a relationship let God be the one to protect your heart. Put your trust in him to bring to light any lies etc. I just answered my own question as well!

I don't know if it is ever possible to trust any man ever again after experiencing such betrayal. I married a gentle, kind, intelligent man who turned out to be the biggest liar and cheater i have ever met. The truth is that you can never tell. Don't blame yourself too much. My grandmother always said "if you buy a melon and bring it home, only to find it is rotten inside, then who is to blame?" Don't waste your time blaming yourself , however do take domdolfs advice on considering the type of man you get involved with.

If you have this time-after-time, you might be finding the same guy in a different body. Some girls look for excitement and end up with bad guys. Good guys are sometimes quite boring from the outside. Look at the inner beauty of some boring guys who may already be around you. They will appreciate the real you and never give you a reason to mistrust. (Plus they already know you and may, silently, already be in love with you, from a distance.)

This is the wisdom of the ages. My own daughter is now 30 and is just maturing enough to realize this. Good luck to you. I have been married 40 years and have never strayed. Maturity and reliability are justly valued.