Concerning Cheating Husbands!

Dear ladies you are really really a good wife.If i am in your shoes i would kick him out and give him a black eye.If you want to make the marriage work, he has to do something.First, he has to work harder to support the family. Don't let him get away so easy spending your hard earned money on his lover.{ Stupid isn't it?}2nd..get it from him personally that you are the one and only -he MUST rather YOU must always be on his mind always.If he cannot put you first after GOD ..there is no point.In short he thinks of you, your welfare, your dreams, your worries, your pains, your tears, your favorite food, offer you the choicist piece of ham etc .Dear ladies, I am a man ..if I want to cheat, I will find a cannot stop me. I will be able to cheat on you and snake out. YOU won't be able to stop me.But I can stop myself..and I CHOOSE to stop myself so that I can be true to my self and to my beloved wife.I choose to with GOD's help.This way only we can build a loving family and bring up wonderful children.So if he don't make a vow to honor and cherish you it is better to break up esp after counselling!He will cheat again!
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Preach it my brother!

When you take back that no good husband back, the chances for him cheating again are very high. I can attest to your facts, I'm living it.

Me too. Its like in their minds youre saying its ok.

It's good to see some honesty on here :D

Thanks..What I wrote above is takes a lot of effort to love at times!