How To Outsmart Your Cheating Husband

We pace, we worry, we question, we call friends for advice. For what? WHAT IF HE IS CHEATING? You are getting yourself into a lather and emotionally you are driving yourself nuts. Well IF MEN ARE GOING TO THINK WITH THERE LITTLE HEADS, YOU HAVE TO STOP THINKING WITH YOUR HEART!! It is broken just thinking about the possibilities. BROKEN! You can use it later when dealing with your kids and friends, etc. You have many great things happening in your brain, so harness your heightened sense of awareness, 1000 details daily that you are currently memorizing, even technology no longer scares you. Either exposé him or put it to rest. NEVER EVER MENTION YOUR UNREST. Collect dates, times, go through emails, text messages, EVERYTHING. You are a detective now. Take your time, be patient. There is no hurry, because if ITS THERE YOU WILL FIND IT. Be casual, be yourself. Asking yourself why be sneaky? Two reasons, he will kill the affair and resume later when he notices he has fooled you, or change all pass codes and get even better at hiding it. If and when you catch him in lies, DO NOT REACT! That's more valuable info. You are collecting. You will most likely uncover ALL EVIDENCE ON HIS PHONE. If it is password protected, get that code! Get the code! Get the code. Sweet talk him, put one on yours, act confused that you set a word you can't remember, laugh at yourself, ask for his help. Do NOT PUSH. Be inventive, just get the code. He may tell you and change it. The window of time that you may have to get that phone spyware on could be minutes to hours. Read all you can about the phone spyware. Costs 100-500, and it is undetectable. You may need to save info from his phone, whatever you do, do not email yourself. Email your NEW GOOGLE ACCOUNT. Dump as much info as you can. This research is not for the faint of heart, that's why most people pay someone thousands of dollars for this, but NO ONE KNOWS YOUR HUSBAND LIKE YOU. If you suspect something is up, it's call gut instinct. You are not crazy, or jealous. If you happen to uncover a surprise 40th birthday party for you, oops pretend to be surprised! Check his phone for the apps he has. Duplicate them on your own phone, now go to work logging on with his user name and password. In most states this is all illegal, but so is adultery. I have more ideas, and solutions of what to do with your cheating husband, either win him back or win in court. Lady's you are smarter than being a victim. Victims are helpless and THAT YOU ARE NOT!
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4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

THIS IS TRUE! Follow it to the letter! I didnt and all it did was tip him off and make him better at hiding it.

My friend spend 30,000 to get the proof...still deny...XXXX

make sure your cop don't see this!!!!Maybe change your profile picture!!!!

very good advise!!! get all the information you can before you confront. After you confront, if you don't have the proof they will lie!! my heart goes out to all those going thru this.