My husband of 25 yrs cheated on me , I just found out for sure May. 27 an I can't think of nothing else , the girl was his sons girlfriend and she is pregnant supposed to b by my husband , I can't cope I cry all the time , he swears it's over was just a fling or midlife crisis but he's changed his number 3 times , I'm just so hurt I don't know what to do , I don't feel I can ever trust again
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I'm so sorry that you are going through this. My advice is to focus on you - loving you and finding joy in your own life. Make sure you are with him because you want to be and not because you need to be.

You don't need someone to be happy. My peace came when I realized that. But, it never stops hurting. I hope you find happiness.

I'm sitting here lookin at his phone , he's lied three times about talking to her , says it's about the baby but I don't care , and I may b wrong for this but I don't want him having nothing to do with this baby , I'm pose to b the mother of his kids not her , unprotected sex? In this day an age? Wtf? He said he offered to pay for her to have. Abortion an she said no so I feel it's HER child ! He's bought me jewelry gifts etc trying to make this better but every number on his phone I wonder about , I think I'm goin crazy

gurl if u need someone message me

Thanx ,