It was December 27 2006. A cousin I rarely see came over to visit with me and told me she had seen my husband at her obstetricians office with another woman. She said they were holding hands and laughing like a loving couple. I was positive it had to be a case of wrong identity or something, we had been happily married for 6 years with NO arguments and meaningful experiences. I confronted him, believing in my heart that there had to be a good explination and that he would never cheat on me. After 2 days of denying it, he broke down crying and told me he had been having an affair for almost 4 months and she was pregnant. A huge part of me died inside that day. He never tried to make things work between us. He now has a son but i found out recently that she is also married and had been sleeping with more than just my husband.He is now dating another married woman who's husband is in jail. He is broke as hell and has lost a ton of weight. I still miss him, but I miss the man I thought loved me, not the jerk he's become.
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I'm so sorry for the hurt he caused you.

I hope you've moved on and found someone else!

I know you are in pain sweetheart. I hope your heart mends and you will find a love that is faithful and true to you.

Im so very sorry for your pain. What an awful way to find out! I know your heart is hurting. Im praying for you!

So sorry be strong! you will find your true soulmate...

That sounds sad, i'm sorry that happened to you. I hope that you are living a happy life now!