My Husand Cheated While I Was 7 Months Pregant

Me and my husband have been together since i was 16 yrs old, I am now 25 yrs old, I was 7 months pregnant when i found out my husband was having an affair, my brother approach me and told me he had seen my husband car somewhere, i told my brother that could not be possible because he was at work.  So, when my husband got home from work, i asked him and he denied it.  I got very suspicious and went on line to checked his phone work, which is something I had never done before.  I saw the same phone number plenty of times, i called him from work and asked him if he was cheating on me and he said no, he stated that she was just a friend.  Two days later, he admitted to me that he cheated with 2 different girls.  I am so stress and do not know what to do.  I am still with him but I want out but do not know how to end this miserable marriage.  I had a beautiful baby girl and i want to be strong for her and be a good role model.

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do what you think is right

I know what it feels like, me and my husband have been together since I was 15 him 17! and he cheated on me while I was pregnant and after I had the baby. What a jerk!! Well I am just as confused as you seem to be, I'm still living with him, but I seem to have lost my love & trust for him. I no longer wear my engagement and wedding rings. They are so beautiful too. But every time I look at them I get sick to my stomach.....I did notice that he wears his white gold ring on his ring finger though! "Every time I look at it I think (you better have it on) Ever since I took them off he has seemed so scared of losing me..........I think "SARIAH" has something going there with her comment. She makes me proud to be a woman.

I was 8 months pregnant with my baby girl when I found out that my husband was cheating on me. I moved out two days later and we were separated for 6 months. I know you didn't ask it, but my advice to you is to leave, so that he knows you mean business. And then if he wants to try and make it work then go to counseling and watch out for him lying to you and check up on him. If after...however much time you might need, he has kept his promises i would say at least 6 months. then discuss moving back in. That is what i have done and luckily he kept his end of the bargain this time, but if he ever so much as starts up a friendship with another girl...I'm out of here!!!

they just dont think about the consequences or the hurt they cause,neither do the women they do it with. it feels like your whole world has collapsed, but you have to be strong for your daughter,you will get through it.i now it doesnt feel like that now but you will. if you want out then you need to leave,otherwise it will make you miserable, do you not think you could give it another go? i know it would be hard and you will never get that 100%trust back,but he may have made a mistake and wants to put things right. Thats what me and my partner are doing and things are difficult sometimes,when hes out drinking with friends,i worry what would happen if he bumped in to this girl in town.but he assures me that he made a mistake and that he wants to be with me.its been hard but im getting through it.if you love him its worth giving it another go.but make completly clear that if it ever happened again then you will be gone. good luck and im sure your beautiful daughter gets you through the bad times.