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Besides all of the other emotions that I have been going through the one that ****** me off the most is that i have lost all self confidence in myself. She has said some very hurtful things, she says she didn't mean them. I've always believed that something said in anger or as a joke usually has some truth behind it. so I guess my question is how do I regain te feeling of confidence?
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I think that will take time. Once someone says something hurtful it can't be taken back. While sometimes the whole of it isn't meant, the seed of doubt remains with us for a long time. I have also dealt with this problem and I have yet to regain my confidence. All I can do is look objectively at myself and decide if it's the truth and if it is as I don't like it, then I need to change it. You need to just try and not care what she thinks. Only care what you think about yourself. Sorry she hurt you that way. I am a good listener if you ever want to talk and I have dealt with similar problems. Good luck.

That had been really hard on me as well. It's a process. The best thing I have done is set MY boundaries. Never again. No discussion, no therapy. Either engage and commit or leave and set us free. Once I know I am comfortable with my decision I have felt stronger. It's a power shift you hold some cards too. You are important. You matter. Don't lose site of that !!!

I'm with you, brother. My self esteem has ben poisoned for so long that it's manifested in me physically.... self-abuse through chocolate, turning back to cigarettes, gaining back a ton of weight I worked so hard only a couple of years ago to drop. I'm at an all-time low in that department. Don't even ask me how my last Valentines' Day went.
Sorry, I can only cry with you on this one... I have no answer... also looking.

Absolutely not on the cuckold! When I found out I wanted to kill this *****. I almost took offence but I know you are trying to help. I thought about a friend but to me I hold my vows very close to my heart. I know it doesn't make since because it seems she doesn't. Thanks for your comments though.