I Was Cheated On By My Wife.

Oh where to start. Well to say the least I didn't find out until last october while we were moving to SC. I had always suspected that she had cheated on me with this guy named Tim but every time I asked she would say you think I'm a **** or oh yeah mike i'm just out there screwing everyone and she would make me feel so bad for even thinking it. So for years I just kept putting it off and out of my mind. Even though she was always hanging out with this guy. Well thats not all when my brother and his girlfriend split up he didn't have anywhere to go so I let him stay with us for a little while. Well I started thinking the same thing with them aswell. It would be things like I would call home while I was at work and the phone would just keep ringing and ringing and knowing her it doesn't just ring cuzz she has it on her all the time cuzz it is a cell phone well several times she would be out of breath and would answer saying sorry I had to run and get the phone. And like an idiot I believed her. Now back to October of 06 after "my" daughter "i dunno" is born well she was born in april of 06 but we decided to move and we were moving to sc. So I went and bought my wife a cadillac cuzz that is what she always wanted me to do was get her one so I did, kinda my way of saying thanks for being so great. So after that I was going to sell her car to anyone who wanted it and guess what my brother really needed a car so I sold it him. While we were cleaning it out I found a note from him to her not really explaining anything that they had done but just really about how he understood her decision and if that is what she really wanted he wasn't going to press it anymore. So Livid I went into the house and called her about it. Now she and I are on the phone and my brother is in the back bedroom using the computer. He can hear us talking mind you. That'll come in later. I asked he what the note was about and what went on and she again told me she had never been unfaithful to me. I told her I was going to leave her sitting in the motel in SC if I didn't get an answer and she finally told me that she had never slept with anyone else but her and tim had made out a couple of times at work. First I was pissed off talking about how she could kiss him in the first place and all. Her phone dies.....I have a smart idea. I go to the back room where I know he was listening he just didn't know who we were talking about. I asked him is it true and I want the whole story. He told me everything about everytime I went to work they were screwing around on my, when we went to florida they were for over a 6 month period. He then tells me that her and tim had something going on aswell. The whole time he is spilling everything to me she has found her charger for her phone and was trying to call me but ofcourse, I ignored it until he finished. When I fianlly answered the phone I told her what my brother had told me and she finally admitted to it. I then found out by her that she had been messing around with Tim on a regular basis. She said it was only twice that they went to a motel but you think I really believe her. She actually spent the night in a grocery store parking lot just to spend an hour or so in a motel with tim and then sleep in the parking lot cuzz he had a wife to go hom to. Oh she was supposed to be working that night ofcourse she lied to me about that. So basically that is my story. any questions? Comments or concerns?
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Same thing happened to me. Its the worst feeling in world especially when its your wife, the person your care about more than anything in the world. My wife is currently cheating on me with a guy who's married with 3 kids and use to go to work but she would call in sick and they would hook up in parking garages or hotels. Its disgusting becuz we have a 4 yr old son and ive asked her, if you dont want to be with me then why dont we just seperate and do what we have to do. Her response everytime is but I love you and i want to be with you. Does that make any sense at all? Sometimes i wonder what the hell am I doing because its been going on for almost a year and a half and in that time ive noticed a change in me. I've noticed that i have this resentment towards all women now and i feel slightly depressed. Thats why, this may sound corny. but i started finding my faith in God again and it's really helped me deal with everything. Before they only thing that could make me feel better was causing her emotional pain by verbally abusing her and controlling her. After a while i realized theres no point in doing that because that will only make things worse. Now i just spend all my time wit my son and i try to keep my distance with her as much as possible because i feel that when shes nice to me its out of pity or its totally fake. Hang in there brotha!

what the hack! wifes need **** too...the more **** the better

sorry .

Sorry mate but you know yourself that she's really not worth it. you'r young enough to start again. dump your bro as well.

My ex-wife cheated on me with my friend who she worked with that she swore she didnt like the whole time i was away for the military..

I think I would leave her. My wife cheated on me and we stayed together, but only because she is an exceptional person and we both really wanted to work it out. Even so, it was very tough. If you have any doubt about her willingness to go through hell with you, I would bail now and get on with my life.


i have been through a similar experience years ago and my wife and i have gotten thru it. I would like to share with you how we did that and my experience with this.. We had to build the trust again. Just celebrated our 20th anniversary. She has not strayed again. Breaking the trust is what hurt the most. My confession is that now I think of her with other men and it turns me on. Also I do have to say it was with my brother as well so we do have something in common.. Christmas is just not the same anymore but you can get through this. If you wish I can share more... Good Luck

I feel sorry for you.My boyfriend cheated on me that way..with everyone possible. All i can say is,im trying to kick him out of my life..and so should you your wife. She is soooo not worth it! The sooner you get rid of her,the better.

I also know what it's like to be cheated on and I agree with zecchinni...Dump the *****. She's not worth your time and energy. I went back for an extra 4 years to try and slavage my marriage....But once the trust is gone...It's gone. You will be happier without her....I am happier withiout mine. Rather be alone that with someone like that.
Good Luck and God Bless!

I was married for twenty years also...the first time was seven years in again at sixteen years and eighteen through twenty. That I know of...Thinking she may have cheeted with her boss at some point between seventh and tenth year of our marrage also....Judge for your self yourown situation and if You think you can get past it. But don't waist your time if she in not 100% committed...I repeat. She has to be 100% commited to saving your marrage. If not pack her bags and throw her out with the trash.