Really? ...a Celebration...

Laying in bed watching television she looks at me with puppydog eyes in loving expression and says ... "I Love You." I reply I love you too she then says "you know i've been good for a year... I almost feel like celebrating or something" REALLY a celebration ,for being faithfull to the one you love. I could hardly contain myself. Ok so if you get a celebration for 1 yr what sort of prize do I get for 22YRS? Nothing left to do but laugh.
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4 Responses Nov 12, 2011

I am sorry but that actually made me laugh of how stupid she sounds... Errr and she sound like my ex husband.. this is exactly the type of thing he would say or do... sorry

Your wife has an stone face. Doesnt she have shame? Im sorry for you.

yes shes quite a handful, but as my hands are full they cant hold anymore. thanks for your thoughts.

You are better then I. I can't believe she had the audacity to say something like that to you. You seem like a wonderful and forgiving man.

Thank you

I can feel the hurt inside. Though I'm at the other side of the boat, I just can't help myself reaching out to your heart. I hope you find peace inside after typing them out here and letting us know. You have my heart.

Thank you,you are a kind hearted person...Thanks.