5 Years Gone

I had spent 5 years with my boyfriend (I'm gay btw) he was my best friend for a year before that. We did everything together and there was hardly anything I wouldn't do for him.

We had our problems but we always talked them out maturely like the adults we were and we always came to a resolution, we were happy together and even our friends said that our relationship was something they looked up too. So things were going well! At least that's what I thought...

A few months ago one our best friends comes out to us and introduces us to his boyfriend and we were happy for him.

What me and my friend didn't know is that over time our bf's started getting way too close for comfort (to make a long story short) So one day my bf tells me that we need to talk about something. The next day I try calling him, and he breaks up with me saying that I wasn't emotionally or romantically supportive, I was too stubborn and the changes I was making to make him happy (I.E. Kissing better, being more supportive, more affectionate) didn't feel natural too him.

And he didn't bring this up to me because he didn't want to sound nagging and talking to my friends bf about this seemed more natural. And if it wasn't for him we would probably still be together. About an hour later I get a text from my friend saying his bf broke up with him as well...well this sounds awfully suspicious...And the next day my now ex goes over to my friends ex's house...even more suspicious...

So after some asking around...I find out that the two of them were spending a lot of time alone together and when I pinned him down about he he admitted to cheating on me and that he "Didn't mean to fall in love with him."

So great...the person I spent 5 years with did a 180 in his personality and back stabbed two of his best friends one of which he knew for 6 years and the other for 3 for what? Someone he only knew for less than 2 months...

So he has the gal to say that he'd still like to be friends when he first broke up with me. After finding all this out though I don't think he deserves my friendship...I haven't spoken to him ever since. The main qualities of a friend are trust and respect. He lost my trust and if he could do that clearly he doesn't respect me.

On the bright side, after I did my healing I asked my friend out (the other one who got dumped), because I felt we had a lot in common. We have been going strong ever since and it's nice to have someone who loves you for who you are <3

I still have my good days and my bad, the hardest part is moving on and taking joy in the things I use to do and idle time is my worst enemy because my mind wanders and some of the old sting comes back. Fortunately the good days are starting to outweigh the bad and I've got a wide circle of friends to help me. 
TicTocTac TicTocTac
22-25, M
Sep 9, 2012