Why Did He Do It?

I've been with my partner for the last 5 and a half years. 3 years into our relationship we broke up. We were apart for 5 weeks before he asked me back again. 2 years later we had our beautiful son, were engaged and planning our life together. It was my nans 80th birthday party and my step sister was at the party also. I've always had a funny feeling about her, she always watched my partner and when we broke up she did say that she has always liked him. I didn't realise what kind of "liked" she meant. The whole night everytime he would go outside for a smoke she would be there, and then when I looked for him again I couldn't find either of them. I told my sister I couldn't find him and she went looking for him. Both my partner and my step sister were found in a toilet cubicle together! I felt so sick and heartbroken, how could he have done this to me and my son. When all the confrontations happened it came out that during our brake up 2 years earlier they had slept together and that she needed to talk to him and thats all they were doing in the toilet. She needed to tell him that 2 years earlier she fell pregnant to him and had a miscarriage. They say that nothing happened in that toilet but I'm not stupid or maybe I am because I haven't left him yet. He lied to me for 2 years, how could I ever trust him again. He says that there is no feelings there, it was just a drunken night and that night at my nans party he was also drunk but its not an excuse. Its almost been 3 months since its happened and I still feel sick to my stomach. The only reason I have stayed with him is because I don't want my son to lose his dad but I'm petrified it will happen again. Sometimes I think that I will leave, maybe I will.

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In the end u have to do what makes u happy regardless of what he did, u may still love him but does 100% make u happy? Think about it

hi justed wanted to know what has happened now that you know? I husband had a 3yr affair and we are trying to make it work. Need advice,got any?