I Don't Often Get a Chance

I was called to preach god's word and at first, i was like me?? lord i can't possiblely do this, not me lord. you see i was raised in a christain home, and my parents didn't believe in women preaching. u know were it say's a women must keep silence in a church but thay are comanded to be under oedanice also saith the law? well for yrs i thought it ment for a women to stay quite. well i know now what this means, by the understanding that god has given to me. you see there were two women that disagreed over alot of things and it was causeing a lot of trouble in the church world in that city, then god gave a word to paul so he could put a stop to these two qualing women,, today there are so many people out there that just don't see that god can use a woman just as well as a man,, i feel this way, its not a man or a woman preaching any way it is the holy ghost.. it is the enter man working. well i have seen the lord use me in a mighty way,, i have preached and felt the power of god so mighty and powerful i know in my heart that god has placed this in my life, and it hurts me so bad to know that i have family that just won't agree to it. no i shouldn't allow that to trouble me, but i'm human right? it does hurt cause i just want people to see Jesus in me.. i sure hope someone does. i am chosen and called acording to his work that he has placed in my life. i have let this get to me in so many ways that i just thought to never try to do what god has ask me to do. i really want to do what he has ask of me, but were i have heard so many putting me down i just have said god i can't do this cause now lord i don't have my heart into it like i use to so lord i can't do this give it to someone eles.i know in my heart that i just wish i would have kept my big mouth shut cause now i don't ever get to use what god has given me. once when people would call on me to get up and say what god would have me to say, i heard so much aginist me that i didn't have a heart to do it. and now i sure wish i could get the chance to use what god has given me. but i am never called on,, i really love the lord and now i'm onerd to know he has chosen someone like me to draw lost soul's to him..only if i get to use it, god has showed me that there will be lots of people come to him, through the word he has placed in my heart,and the understanding that he has give me. all i want is boldness to not let things get to me. for his love is what keeps me going.

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I feel led to give you words of encouragement... Do not let Doubt, Worry ,or Fear enter you... Recognize them through the Holy Spirit that dwells within you... For these three things tear away your Faith... And while you are wearing the whole armor of God, and the shield of Faith has become eaten away from these three weapons of Satan himself, the fiery darts can penetrate you...<br />
Learn to recognize them before the damage is done... Stand strong against the powers and principalities of darkness and claim the victory in Jesus's name! The devil knows what is coming to him and he will do whatever it takes to take you with him... The battle is on & we are on the winning team!<br />
Hallelujah!!!...Sorry, I get excited speaking about God's glory... He is so good...

I believe we should all share the gospel , actually it is in all of us to do this .. We are here on this earth to spread the Gospel Male or Female .. Lets spread the Good News