One Year Ago

a older woman in a  truck stopped me and asked for help.when i went to the truck,her grandson had been chopping wood,and had missed and hit his foot.he cut his foot pretty deep.i felt myself getting weak,but i really grossed me out.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Many, many years ago, when chopping wood was a daily household chore, my aunt that raised me had that chore as a teenager. Her younger brother aged about 8 kept bugging her and teasing her by putting his barefoot up on the block. She was very tired and aggravated. She told him if he didn't quit, she would go ahead and chop his toes off so she could finish her tasks. He kept teasing; she chopped his big toe off! Blood was everywhere; he was screaming. When my grandfather came to check, he said, Serves you right. She warned you! Parents back then were COLD. He didn't even get taken to the hospital.

I still can't believe people really try to steady the wood with their foot.<br />
As I didn't see it, I'm actually half-amused at the story. What an *** he must've felt, going into hospital with that injury.<br />
I hate to see a lot of gore too. I can deal with small amounts, but nothing like what you just described. I'd have to really avert my eyes from that or feel very lightheaded very quickly. Strangely I'm usually fine with animals.