I Fell In Love With Corporal Punishment

When I was 13 years old we had a heavy fall of snow. My mother told me to wear my rubber boots to go to school. I did not want to but I saw a boy who was a year older than me wearing his rubber boots and he looked really grown up so I pulled on my rubber boots. At school that morning I got into trouble. We should have had a football lesson but because of the snow we had to sit in the changing room and read.
It was boring and someone started kicking a ball around the room. It came to me and I mis-kicked it into the gym. I had to go into the gym to get it back but just at that moment a teacher entered and caught me going into the gym wearing outdoor footwear. I was in trouble.
But I never got into trouble. For the first time in my life I had to bend over and was slippered across my backside. Not once but 5 times. Afterwards everyone seemed to want to talk to me and tell me how brave I had been. I felt quite proud of myself. I had enjoyed being slippered.
I kept wearing my boots and surprisingly a few days later I was told off for talking by a teacher who immediately made me bend over. I was again slippered 5 times across my arse.

The problem now was that I realised that I enjoyed being slippered both times. I loved wearing my rubber boots and I loved being slippered. Now I just wanted everyone to see me being slippered in my rubber boots and how I was able to take the punishment with a smile on my face.
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you deserved that

It is amazing what people discover they like. I liked being told to bend over, then the pause between being in position and the cane descending.

oh ok well least you liked it

I have never been paddled or tawsed but I'd sure like to give it a try.<br />
I'm off now to read your stories.

I have never been slippered. I have been paddled and tawsed. I know what you mean by enjoying it though. I used to be scared of being paddled. Now I enjoy a good hard paddling. But it has to be a woman doing the paddling or tawsing preferably while I am wearing tights. ( read some of my stories and you will understand)

I love your story!<br />
I also have lots to say about spanking. You can read some of my stories. For me it was also something to brag about, specially by the girls, how I could take my caning with a smile! <br />
Do you still practise spanking in rubber boots?