I Was Happy Being Strapped

At our school we had a teacher called Jock Thompson. He was from Scotland. I don't think Jock was his real name but everyone called him Jock. He was one of the cruelest people I have come across. In school he could be really funny, telling jokes and making everyone laugh. But he often picked on one boy and he could be cruel.

I suffered from him several times.

One day he was happy and making jokes. He was teaching religion at the time. He then made some silly comment about another boy in the class, which he was always doing, so I, along with some other boys, laughed.

He suddenly pointed at me and shouted "do you really think that is funny?" I knew immediately that he was being serious so I replied "no sir". He shouted at me to come to the front of the class, which I did. He looked at my feet and saw that I was wearing rubber boots which he must have seen before as I usually wore my boots to school.

He told me that I looked more like a workman from the streets than a schoolboy. He asked me if I wanted to clean the streets when I left school, then he told me to take off my boots.

He picked up one of my boots and pretended to sniff inside. He made silly choking noises and everyone in the class laughed. Which he enjoyed. He then made comments about my socks smelling and that no girl would want to marry me. More laughing from the class. He complained more about the smell inside my boots, more laughter from my classmates, and he told me to pull my boots back on before anyone died from the smell.

He then produced a leather strap which I had seen him use many times on other boys. I knew what was coming next.
There was silence in the room as I bent over. Hands on knees.
Six lashes of the belt across my backside.
Everyone in the class looked happy.
Everyone in the class wanted to be my friend. Everyone said how brave I had been and that I was being picked on without reason.

Suddenly I was the most popular boy in the class.
It was one of the happiest days in my life. I had never been so popular.

I looked forward to being punished again.
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Good Q's Woody. I would also like to hear the answers.

Like "boysgetspanked" I certainly never enjoyed getting spanked at school. Those who say they did is probably just fantasy. Being in pain for several hours with a burning asse after the spanking is certainly no fun for any kid.<br />
You said that you were spanked on your bare bottom, was this at school, and were you ever spanked like that by female teachers? How old were you?

Easy,<br />
but you were not spanked ~ you were hit/abused, if you suffered the results you referred to!<br />
I'm sorry to hear it. lol

Yes guys, you are soooo right!<br />
I love it!

Yes there is something good about the 'warm feeling' you get after a canning. Once you get through the pain and experience the 'warm feeling' then you can take the beating for ever. Its really beautifull.

I love a good caning and have had many over the years.The warm feeling after getting caned is really something to be cherished and when you cannot sit comfortably for a day or two that is really enjoyable and usually I look forward to the next session

OK, I'm with you.<br />
I like that selling of a spanking! A win for both parties with you the grater taker!!

i wasn't interested in being popular with the girls. I wanted to be popular with the boys and it worked.<br />
You should have seen how much my classmates enjoyed it when I was strapped. <br />
<br />
I was a quiet boy who spent most of his time on my own. In fact I was happiest when I was by myself. I had no close friends but then I had no enemies either.<br />
I was the sort of quiet boy who might easily have been bullied, apart from the fact that I was one of the tallest in the class. <br />
<br />
Most boys hated to be strapped, even the so called 'big' guys, and they would happily pay someone to be strapped for them. I would happily admit to their crime and take the beating.<br />
<br />
Usually they gave me money for me to admit that I had carried out the wrong doing for which they were responsible. Everyone was happy. The other guy missed out on his beating, I ended up with some money and popularity amongst my classmates.

Yes, it can make one popular specially with the girls, if you were not a crybaby!