Well Deserved Slippering

Once when I was about fifteen my mother had caught me trying to smoke weed.
     Me and three of my friends were in the backyard and we didn't expect my mom to get back from work for a good while. One of my friends had bought a bunch of joints. She showed us them so we went in the house and I lit up the first one.
      I took one huge inhale of it and it made me cough, but it also made my head kind of light. It was weird. So I told my friend I didn't really like it so I gave her back the partially smoked joint. I just sat there and laughed because my friends were so high and they we just saying the strangest things. I didn't want one. I wanted to remember how they acted, even if they seemed to like it.
     Probably only a half hour later my mom showed up. She'd come home early. She saw my friends high as the hills and ordered them to get out. They left really quickly, it was easy to tell she was pissed. You could practically see steam coming out of her ears. 
     As soon as they were gone she started screaming at me. It was really bad. She was so mad. It scared me. I knew I was going to get it. My parents beat me often for the simplest things. Like a D on a test I'd probably get a mild spanking from my dad, nothing severe for the small stuff, but bad enough that I wouldn't do it again. And yes, even as a teenager I still got over the knee spankings. But I was going to get it, I was going to get it good.
     My mom yelled at me for probably a good twenty minutes about the dangers of smoking. Then she yelled at me about how smoking weed was worse and how I could get addicted. I didn't bother to tell her I didn't do any. It would've made her angrier. After a while she calmed down some and went to the closet where they kept the different things to beat me with. They had a lot of different things. They were firm believer's in corporal punishment, and honestly I think it worked. After a while she produced a large slipper that they kept for only the purpose of punishing me. It was far too big to fit even my father. She pulled the beating stool, a heavy wooden stool they kept for only punishments, in to the living room and placed it in front of the front room window like she always did and drew the blinds so the neighbors could see my shame. 
     She directed me to lean over the stool and I did obetiantly. I expected her to tell me the number of strokes and then slap away, but then she pulled my pants down, revealing the lacy underwear that I was not allowed to have, which rewarded me three more strokes. Then she pulled those down too.
     I was so nervous I was shaking. I'd felt the pain of my mother's slipper before with jeans on, and damn, did that ever hurt. But now I was about to feel it without even the protection of lacy panties.
     "You're going to get fifteen strokes, though you deserve far more for being such a naughty girl," she told me. I heard the noise of the slipper flinging through the air then the slap of it against my skin. It HURT. My bottom was stinging severly, and it was only the first of fifteen! By the fifth one I was bawling. I started screaming and squirming, which earned my five extra strokes.
     By the time my mother was done I was sure my butt was beet red. It was hot as hell and stung terribly.
     "That was a very severe punishment, but you deserved it. Go up to your room, now. I'm going to call your father and make sure you get a severe belting when he gets home too. You're not going to be able to sit down for days when he's done with you," she said. I went up to my room and when father got home he came upstairs to my room, talked to me about smoking, told me about the leathering I was going to get. He was wearing his thick leather belt that he wore when he was going to give me a good hyde tanning.
     My bottom was sore for a solid week. But I must say I deserved that beating. It hurt like hell, but I never did it again. If I ever did it again I'd probably hand my *** over to my father and get another good licking.
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There are three avenues in which wisdom is imparted... through the eyes; the ears and the ***. If you use the first two the last one is seldom experienced. In your family's case it sounds like your mother and father really loved you and wanted to impart wisdom to you.

to the above poster : if i had dared to question my mom as to why i was going to get the belt she would have beat my *** once for asking and then for what ever i was in trouble for. when she said you are getting a spanking it was going to happen and any thing she took as disrespect would earn me a much harder belting. i always got the razor strap on my bare butt and knew not to ever question her as to why it would have been suicide to show disrespect. but i learned my lesson and still love her

If that is true then your mother didn't really understand the difference between punishment and abuse. Either that or you didn't really understand the difference between defiance and inquiry.

Dear friends, beating a kid like this, especially purposely letting the neighbors see (!!!!!) is not some wonderful thing as far as I can see. Especially if the poster felt there was no use in explaining that she hadn't gotten high since it would only make her mother angrier...what kind of communication pattern is that? And letting one's parents abuse one is not a good, God-pleasing, sc<x>riptural thing. What kind of a message does it give you if you get beaten for all kinds of things including weed you didn't smoke, lacy panties (what difference does it make???), and then for showing that it hurt when you were being beaten with a shoe? I don't understand the logic. I mean, children aren't animals, so what's the matter with *talking* to them?

U R WRONG! She may not have actively drew on it but she was there; she allowed it in the house; she partook in the second hand smoke. She didn't get beat she got a spanking and she admits it was deserved. Why are you trying to undo her discipline? I read a number of stories where punishment was administered not to correct but denegrate in her case this is not so.

So brave! Well done though for realising that it was for your best interest, Its a good thing your parents care and showed you right from wrong in this way even though if it did hurt ...bless ya...

a group of us girls got caught smoking which was an automatic caning a couple of weeks later we again got caught, another caning, a few days later cigarettes where found in our bags( even to this day still belive we where set up) by this time the head was going to teach us a lesson, we each got three strokes of the cane on each hand, plus six across our knickers with the senior boys cane, when we left the heads study, my backside and hands flet on fire. ihave never touched a cigarettes since that day

Not mine; not well deserved - think it was a damn big gym shoe, and it was only once on the backside from the PE teacher for something and nothing. This may be the kinky corner but I'm not going to gloss over the true awful nature of the beast. I didn't feel any pain in my bottom at first, just this terrible sense that I was about to vomit. I moved as if to vomit and then as I walked further the pain caught up with me. Only hit once but the pain was excruciating. I wouldn't wish it on anyone - pure evil. CP is in the realm of abuse and trauma. Who deserves that? Also, seeing your friends and peers being beaten can be damaging and corrupting, and that is hardly ever mentioned.

Jack, how do your wife feel about those undeserved and unfair spankings, nowadays?

I got some bare butt spankings with a long thick paddle by my mom, my dad spanked by hand on clothed butt but it still hurt. My wife would get beat for no reason sometimes. If she got 5 Bs on her report card and she was 12 she would get 60 bare bottom spankings with a spoon her mom would line her, her brother and sister up on the bed with the bare bottom showing and go right down the line. Since she was the youngest she would get it first so it would hurt more then her siblings, or if her brother took off they spank her harder and longer because of him leaving and he wouldnt get in trouble at all, her mom had issues.

you were very brave! glad u learnt from it if I had been spanked for smoking ciggeretes when a teenager I probally would not be smoking now!

'Hand my *** over and get another good licking.....' ! Congratulations for this.<br />
It shows that you are an intelligent person! You can learn from your experience and you were able and big enough to take responsibility (I deserve that) for your actions.<br />
You are also a person with respect for your parents, as the commandments require.<br />
Congratulations again! I'm very proud of you.

welll.............really painful fifteen strokes and then a leathering to