Wife And Daughter Hand Out A 500 Lash Punishment

My wife gave me a well deserved hard punishment in front of our daughter yesterday afternoon i am punished regularly as is my daughter as my wife believes in corporal punishment , my daughter is never punished in front of me she is punished in her room or in the lounge as i am sent upstairs until it is done, same with my daughter she waits in her room until my wife has completed my punishment but this time my wife wanted her daughter to witness my punishment as i had violated her strict house rules regarding our daughter.
Any one who has read my other stories will know i am a sissy cross dresser my daughter knows this and my wife is okay with her seeing me dressed but strictly no wanking or any sexual goings on when she is home, no one was home Saturday afternoon my wife was tending her horse at the stables my daughter i town with friends so i thought i would dress in my school girl uniform and have a **** in front of the mirror i was happily wanking my winkie and thought a bit of hand cream would be pleasurable it was downstairs in the kitchen i carefully walked down the stairs in my 6inch high heels with my erect winkie in one hand and got it rubbing some on it before heading back to my room, i was only two stairs up when the front door opened its was my daughter and her friend in a rush to hide i stumbled in my heels giving the two girls a full view of me dressed as a school girl blond pig tails the lot and the worse thing my erect winkie smothered in hand cream .
I knew i was in trouble so just got myself upstairs into my room, my daughter phoned her mother to inform her what took place my wife was home in 10 minutes. She came to see me I was still dressed and told me that first she would have to take our daughters friend home and apologise for what she had seen and i was to wait in my room and remain dressed. An hour later i was summoned to the lounge my daughter and wife standing in the centre she ordered me o explain my self, I said i had no excuse i was totally out of order and could only ask to be punished severally, I apologised to my daughter and to compensate her i would pay her £500 and I would clean her room every day and do all her washing and ironing for as long as she lives with us. The money and o more chores for her had her smiling at least I had satisfied her the ironing board was already positioned in the middle of the room i was told to remove my panties and the grey pleated school skirt again my winkie was in view as my daughter looked at it with a disgusted stare . I was told to get in position over the pointed end of the board my wife pushed me into her required position legs apart with my winkie and balls resting on the board so they could be got at with her cane or belt my wife and daughter know full well that I get a kick out of being punished so I was sure my beating would be beyond the pleasurable limit i was so grateful that I could be punished in this way any other wife would be considering divorce.
I was asked how many lashes I think I need to teach me a lesson and learn respect for my wife and daughter I did want to be punished hard to satisfy my wife that I had learned a lesson I asked for 200 lashes a 100 more than i had ever received she then asked our daughter she came out with a crazy 500 lashes and to my disbelief my wife agreed 500 lashes 250 lashes now and next Saturday 250 lashes in 50 lash sessions with 30 minutes between not to make it easier for me but for my wife to recuperate so that every stroke of her cane would be at full force .My caning commenced with me keeping count calling out the strokes first 50 wasn’t so bad with the lashes spread over my buttocks and back of legs my stockings gave a tiny bit protection but my suspender belts were giving me pain my daughter lost interest after 30 strokes and switched on the television my wife noticed this and after my 50 strokes she handed her a lighter cane and instructed her to use it on my winkie and balls , although I felt humiliated my daughter whipping my penis that I used to create her I am ashamed to say I was excited that a 14 year old was punishing me things would never be the same she whipped my genitals good 10 lashes to be given after my 50 batches I stayed in position until 250 lashes were complete and my daughter had whipped my winkie and balls I had to be helped off the board and laid face down as my wife cleaned my opened wounds at the top of my thigh and back of legs my balls had one lash bleeding my winkie bruised but intact I managed to put myself to bed as i lay i gently rubbed my winkie with soothing cream thinking about my wife caning me her **** with no bra swinging with every stroke my daughter in a micro mini skirt and knee boots actually punishing me her pert pointy **** visible through her white top with a grin on her face saying that her father was now her inferior the thought was exciting me now having two controlling dominate women to serve I held my winkie with two fingers it wasn’t hard as i rubbed my helmet to ****** .
Today I am not to bad my lashes look really bad but I fell fine and looking forward to next Saturday when i am going to refer to my daughter as Miss and see if t sticks I like the idea of it and would confirm my place in the house
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Your wife gave you a well deserved proper caning!
I would not allow a spanking from my children.