First Punishment With The Cane

When i was boy i has been punished in several ways by my mom.She continued to punish me until i was 17 yrs old.  Initially she used small sticks for caning on my legs or on the thigh.  When i was around 10yrs old she bought the first cane.  There were several reasons for this.  First of all a letter from my class teacher that i am not concentrating on studies and i regularly failing to do my home works.  I also broke some of the home rules.  My mother always tell me to be home from the play ground by 6 in the evening.  But i returned home late for 3 days after my evening play.  Mom punished me for this with the stick and not allowing to go to play for one day bu i repeated again.  And also i repeatedly failed to keep my study table in order even after getting punished two three times.  when i came home the next day that is one day after my class teacher gave me the letter i sow a fine new cane resting on my study table.  When i sat for the evening scanks mom told me that i not allowed to go for playing on that day. she ordered me to take the bath and be in my room.  By that i understood what is going to happen.  And i was sure that i am going to get the new cane on my thigh 2 times.  I took the bath,dressed up and went into my room.  After a few minutes mom came to the room.  She asked why i was not doing my home works.  I had no ans.  I deliberately did in do them, and she knew that.  Then she asked why this table is like this,it was still a mess. i was again silent.  then she asked why i dint came home in time after the play.  Still i was silent.  she continued, i know u wond be having ans for all this so i decided ti punish hardly.  With out saying any thing she pulled down my shorts and asked me to bent down to the desk. I have never been punished this way before, so i dint know what is *******. Finally she made me in the right position with my chest on the table. my left part of the face, facing the table top and and both hands stretched forward.  then she told me not to move or change position utill i give 8 hard strokes.  I tought she is going to delver the strokes on the thighs. But to my surprise she  pulled down my under pant to the middle of my thighs.  then i understood she is going to cane me on my bare buttocks.  With in seconds she also took a comfortable position to cane, and told me that she is going to give me the first one.  and i could see the cane going up.  after the very first one i started sobbing.  by the 5Th one i started crying aloud.  tears came down flow less. but the caning continued until i got the eight one by that one i was crying nonstop. my buttocks had marks of the cane for more than a week.  but i started doing the homework from that day.  My study table was neat from that day and i never came late after the evening play.

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i was a naughty, che e cky little girl! My father used to cane me regularlymy bot t om was red most of the ti me!!!!! and if i upset my mum she took the wooden spoon to me. But i did not heed the red bottom i just carried on defiantley. Until the time that my parents decided together that i should have a thrashing and then a spanking, my mum to deliver thrashing and my dad to do the spanking! i might add a thrashing was 25 strokes of the cane. No warning w a s given. One night my mum told me to go over and bend over the back of the arm chair, i knrw what might be about to happen because she had the cane in her hand. And i was told to hurry up and if i argued this would hapen again tomorrow. needl ess to say ijumped to it1 THEN MY MUM TOLD ME WHAT THEY HAD DECIDED! I certainly made an effort to be good after that! ic ried buckets and my bottom was black and blue for abou t six weeks! so my dear i t h ink you go t off lig htly

Thant was a damm proper spanking!
I understand the 6 weeks.

y again.

My headmaster in primary school called the cane his magic wand. Guess it does work wonders.

You learned that there are reactions on your actions and that you have to take responsibility for those actions!! You learned something ~ my congratulations to you ~ you are intelligent!

It is not common in India to punish kids on the buttocks as they do elsewhere. But.this practice was followed religiously at my home and school, My mom used to say that kids arse has to be kept always red so that they do not indulge in mischief. I was practically brought up by my sister who is elder to me by 12 years. She was a martinet and used to descipline me by whipping my bare butts with a table tennis racket,after which my arse used to burn.At my school also,the Principal was an Anglo Indian lady who used to enjoy caning pupils on bare backside.

yes your mom got u to do those things, but at a horrible price, fear of her actions on you. maybe thats how her parents were to her, but i wish she'd have thought through what that would be like for you. i know lots of people who say that being punished like that was best for them and straightened them out and they will be sure to do the same to 'correct' their kids. but 'motivating' a kid with fear just defeats the purpose, and the emotional hurt done is never justified. i am sorry your mom did that to you. thank-you for sharing that story, i bet it was hard to, i know it was for me, but i thought ugly and painful as it is, that stuff needs exposed. people can learn one more time or maybe the first time they are not alone in having gone through this. and every time of hearing it helps.