Punishment Of Teacher Through Mother

Terrible things happen to us with out our own knowledge some time.  I was not a bad boy or student in the school.  But in my 5Th std i called one of my teachers  a word which is considered as highly offendeble when a young one uses it to a older one.  it happened accidentally.  i dint mean it at all. i was sorry too.  but my teacher did-int even gave me a chance to apologies. she strait away went to the office and telephoned my mom.  she came back and told me that my mother will deal with u for what i had done.  so it was clear that i going to get very hard canes on my bare buttocks in the evening.  the thought of being punished in the evening itself was a mental punishment.  usually when mom wants to punish me in the evening that is when i returns from school she usually asks me to take Ur bath Ur not going to the play ground today.  that day to she told me that u r not going to the play ground today. take Ur bath. i told her that i am sorry and i did not mean to use that word. she then told me that she dint want to here any thing just take Ur bath and then finish Ur snacks.  i did accordingly but i was not able to take the ink's due to the fear of cane and at the same time i was too sad that it happened from me.  MY mom understood it and by the time she knew that i was sorry for my bad behavior.  when i some how finished the food she told me to got to my room.  she followed me . she explained to me why that word is so bad. and the intensity of my bad behavior.  By the time i was crying.  then she told me that she knew that i am very sorry for what i did.  at the same time its a punishable mistake.  so even tough Ur are sorry u will be punished.  then she said that i am going to get 10 canes on my bare buttocks, and then she came near me put her hands around me said this punishment is for not repeating what i did today in future at any conditions. this is a lesson for u. saying that she pulled of my trousers and asked to get in position.  i bent down to the table she then pulled down my under were.And the she told me that it is going to be very tough punishment and its going to hurt a lot. then she took her position. here is Ur fist one and i could here the sound of the cane in the air. the first strike was a very hard one i almost screamed then the second one with the same force and it went on.  i some how took the tenth one sobbing crying and screaming. my buttocks were bright red and swollen and with marks of the cane.i kept on crying for more than thirty Min's lying on the bed. then she again came to the room.  she made to get up wiped the tears from the cheeks and told me to that i should say sorry to my teacher and give her kiss the net morning saying this she kissed me with a smile. the next day i determined to say sorry to my teacher and give her a kiss on her palms. even the next day there was  pain while walking. still by bottom was swollen i was not able to sit. but i went to school. before the bell rang i went to the teacher said sorry and i told i didn't mean to do that.  i took her right palm and kissed her.  she was very happy. she asked me whether i was punished too hard hugged me and kissed me on my left cheeks.  she also told me that it should never happen from me again.  and it never happened from me again

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you need a spanking for y spelling y do not need a dictionary spanking more effective

the spelling is atrocious, i make allowances but get a dictionary ...u need to use it1

S/111, you got what you deserved! We must respect our elders.<br />
<br />
Kundiprian, I agree fully with you!

Receivung caning on the bare from mother cannnot be called as condemned to caning.There is always a bitter sweet memory attached to being caned by a loving hand!

nice mom....i want to be caned by ur mom.