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I was contacted for an interview on EP before. At that time, I was a member of a particular group (not the adult or inappropriate groups you are thinking).

It was a student. He wanted to interview me for his thesis. I told him it would be fine as long as I don't have to disclose my real name and that he'd give me a copy of the thesis after it's done. The student says there's no problem to that.

So, he emailed me some questions to which I promptly answered.

A few months later, he contacts me and says his professor insists on having my name. I was very disappointed at him. I specifically told him that I will not be disclosing my name and here he was asking for it. A good researcher would have cleared all these with his superior before even proceeding. He actually should have known what can and cannot be done from the very beginning.

I wanted to tell him, "Better luck next time." But the student in me appealed to my compassion. I knew that to abandon him at a critical time (it was a few months before graduation) and make nil his thesis (he really couldn't find anyone else he claims) would be a painful blow. I was a student before and research is no joke. I can't be that harsh I said to myself, even though this is his lapse. So, what I did was to something I maybe I shouldn't have but did.

I gave him my real first name and made up the last name. I figured if he believes this is my real full name, he technically isn't lying to his professor. Plus, it's not like I was obliged to disclose my real name. I told him that from the very start.

After he got my name, he just disappeared. No thank you's and no copy of the thesis. He didn't need me anymore so he disappeared.

That's the last time I let a student interview me for a thesis.

P.S. If the student I'm talking about is reading this, where is the copy of the thesis I was promised?
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 7, 2013