Throw Away Those Frankenstein Boots

I was crippled and healed.  I wanted you share with people the amazing and awesome power of God and His ability to heal.  I and my family are witnesses of what God did to me as a child.  Okay, I will share my story.  After I was born and started to grow, I developed a deformity in my ankles which would not allow me to walk or run.  All I could do was stand, stumble, and fall.  My parents were concerned because I was now 3 years old and I could not walk.  So, they took me to a child orthopedic doctor who recommended these specialized boots.  The boots had metallic pins in them which were for the purpose of straightening my ankles.  I remember those boots cause the most excruciating pain I could imagine.   Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.  The metallic pins dug into my skin.  I mean it felt like Freddy Krueger was putting them on my feet.  Every time my parents would put them on.  I would immediately take them off.  They could not understand why I kept taking them off.  I would take them off and crawl with those boots and hide them under the Christmas tree and ornaments.  My mother would see me crawling without the boots and she would ask me where did I put them.  I was young and can't remember the exact time frame of how long this went on.  But, one day my grandparents came up from Arkansas and they were Christians.  I remember they prayed over and anointed my ankles.  Shortly after that, I began to run and play with the other children outside.  My mother was in such shock that when she saw I had started to walk, she would keep trying to put the boots on.  It took her a couple of days to realize that God had worked a miracle on me.  Over all, The Lord Jesus Christ gets all the praise and glory.  Our God is awesome.  I love you with all my heart.  Amen.
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

Beautiful. I'm happy for you. :)

Nice testamony. Reminds me of the time my son, had a big bump sticking outside of his leg, doctors said they would have to operate. Would be about a year in a wheelchair to recover. Took him to a healing service. After a few months has passed, I went to enquire when he was going to make the time, to undergo the surgery, etc. He just said MOM, it disappeared a while ago, just went away. He just took it for granted as I just praised God's goodness and healing power. He truly is awesome.