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I know some people will tell you that this NEVER happens-----I'm here to tell you it Does!!

I went to a Catholic Grammer School, at that time, taught by Nun's only, no lay teachers. Gotta say, when the Nuns spoke---you better obey---this was coming from God!

We wore uniforms then----boys, blue pants, grey shirt and blue tie, Girls solid blue skirts, white blouse and blue jacket.

Sister hated to see the boys with their shirt tails hanging out, so she had one of the Girls bring in a Dress that she hung up in front of the class and told all the boy's that if their shirt tails were hanging out, they would have to wear the Dress! YES, I went out of my way to have to wear the dress and soon I did. It was so Wonderful--I knew I was going be untucked and forced to wear the dress, so I wore Pretty Pink Panties under my boy clothes and brought a pretty pink half slip, that had lovely white lace trim, with me. I kept my shirt tail out, on purpose------I was warned by the nun, but after tucking it in, pulled it out, I wanted so much to have to wear that Dress!
YES---it did happen! She gave me the Dress to wear and told me to go into the clock room to change.She had a Girl come in with me to help put it on and zip me up. I didn't have take off my pants from under my skirt--BUT--I told my Girl helper I did.
The Dress was Adoreable, knee length, spagetti straps and Very sheet Pink skirt. The Pretty Girl that was helping me saw that I was wearing a pretty pink half slip, smiled and said it was just the right thing to wear under a sheer skirt.
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I feel this is a case where the intentions of the "evil" nuns was turned around on them -- what was intended to be a terrible and humiliating punishment, turned in a wonderful opportunity for a young boy who was already in touch with his feminine side! And love the fact you came prepared to look your best dressed in the girl's jumper uniform, and wasn't embarrassed that the girl assigned to help your dress could see your pretty underwear.

So well done you little (former) conniving cute devil you!

And would love to read a follow-up on how that day went from there and if the boys teased you and if the girls accepted you as a "girl" for the day.

I am busy at the moment but I will get back to you with that follow up.

love your sroty would like to know more about what happend next love penny

I love this story. It brought back memories of my similar school days. From the description of the uniform,{ Boys-blue pants/white shirt Girls-Blue jumper dress/white blouse}, you must've had those wonderful but "militant" Sisters of Saint Joseph? They had the black robes,,cross/beads, white bib, and white head/face cap under the black robe. I love the girls uniform,,some of them had pleated skirts,,and the white nylon blouse with the peter pan collar. I wish I had been forced to wear It would've been fun:-)

I had to wear panties,nylons and petty-slips under my uniform everyday at school from 10yrs old till I graduated. I only wore dresses around my house and out in the yard.

Loved the story!

I can totally relate to this activity on the part of one of the "Wives of Jesus". We hear so much about the priests and little boys but nothing about all the horrible abuses inflicted on boys and girls by the Catholic Nuns.

Speaking before a group of Catholics during a meeting of the "faithful" to discuss abuses by the priests, I told a shocked gathering about what Sister Mary Margaret did to me at the local Catholic grade school in May of 1955, documented with actual photographs. I finished by saying that given a choice I'd rather have been *********** in private by a priest than to have been so intensely and publicly raped and molested so publicly by that Nun.

I was politely asked to leave, that the discussion wasn't about the Nuns, but about the priests.

And people wonder why I hate the Catholics and "Christians:?

Billy and Bud Bear, I don't understand.

Why in the World Do you HATE me?

In a word, I hate the Christian "hypocrites"! As to hating you, I doubt that I could ever hate you. Still, no one has bothered to answer my statement. It seems the only "sin" in the Christian faith, is "sex". The priests are evil but the Nun is Godly!

OK, let me ask you----isn't it a sin to hate-- Can you seriously group everyone under one umbrella statement?
That being the case, we having the opposite should be saying how much we hate you, BUT we don't, we forgive, NOT, forget, but forgive.
With your way of thinking we must Never Forgive (I'm with you on this one) the Japs who, during WW2 tortured and mulitated our Soldiers.
Most wars have been started because Religion, I agree, but not all catholic and or christians agreed on the war! But, Ya get the Nutty extreeme Muslims and these kooks want to blow up everthing they disagree with, including self destruction, which is NEVER Justified by the Christan Faith!

I'm curious as to why I need forgiveness from human beings? You speak to the Muslims cept it seems to me that a lot of totally innocent human beings have been slaughtered by the Christians down through history?

Basically, as I see it, organized religions have caused vast amounts of pain and suffering on anyone who doesn't fall in line behind them.

My problem comes down to the fact that those who lead these religions never really police themselves and their followers. Yet, they constantly point out the "sins" of others as though their gods aren't capable of dealing with those humans who offend them!

Many humans have turned their faith into little more than clubs and "teams", my team is better than your team and my god is the one true god whereas your god is the devil! HUM!

So what evil crime do I need forgiveness for? I mean hey! No God has handed me a list of what offends him/her. NO! The Bible and all other Holy Books were written by human beings with absolutely no proof beyond faith that proves "God" had anything to do with them. The fact that all of the major "books" have been written by men tells me something isn't right, since there was women on the planet when they were written.

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Giggelets would love this story as he had a Nun who harassed him for being a dual-gender model as a young boy.