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Me Too

I know some people will tell you that this NEVER happens-----I'm here to tell you it Does!!

I went to a Catholic Grammer School, at that time, taught by Nun's only, no lay teachers. Gotta say, when the Nuns spoke---you better obey---this was coming from God!

We wore uniforms then----boys, blue pants, grey shirt and blue tie, Girls solid blue skirts, white blouse and blue jacket.

Sister hated to see the boys with their shirt tails hanging out, so she had one of the Girls bring in a Dress that she hung up in front of the class and told all the boy's that if their shirt tails were hanging out, they would have to wear the Dress! YES, I went out of my way to have to wear the dress and soon I did. It was so Wonderful--I knew I was going be untucked and forced to wear the dress, so I wore Pretty Pink Panties under my boy clothes and brought a pretty pink half slip, that had lovely white lace trim, with me. I kept my shirt tail out, on purpose------I was warned by the nun, but after tucking it in, pulled it out, I wanted so much to have to wear that Dress!
YES---it did happen! She gave me the Dress to wear and told me to go into the clock room to change.She had a Girl come in with me to help put it on and zip me up. I didn't have take off my pants from under my skirt--BUT--I told my Girl helper I did.
The Dress was Adoreable, knee length, spagetti straps and Very sheet Pink skirt. The Pretty Girl that was helping me saw that I was wearing a pretty pink half slip, smiled and said it was just the right thing to wear under a sheer skirt.
carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 4 Responses May 16, 2011

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you paint a lovely picture...naughty can be oh so nice!

I feel this is a case where the intentions of the "evil" nuns was turned around on them -- what was intended to be a terrible and humiliating punishment, turned in a wonderful opportunity for a young boy who was already in touch with his feminine side! And love the fact you came prepared to look your best dressed in the girl's jumper uniform, and wasn't embarrassed that the girl assigned to help your dress could see your pretty underwear.

So well done you little (former) conniving cute devil you!

And would love to read a follow-up on how that day went from there and if the boys teased you and if the girls accepted you as a "girl" for the day.

love your sroty would like to know more about what happend next love penny

I had to wear panties,nylons and petty-slips under my uniform everyday at school from 10yrs old till I graduated. I only wore dresses around my house and out in the yard.