My Girlfriend Made Me Wear Panties To School

My girlfriend, Helen, and I were sexually active with each other when we were 17 and loved trying new forms of humiliation. She highly enjoyed dressing me in her clothes and most of the time, she forced to remain in her panties. Even at school, she made me wear her panties all the time. She made jokes whenever she saw me, like "Has anyone found out about your dirty little secret, sissy boy?" Of course, nobody had, so I would always no, but she looked unsatisfied by this. Once, she even said, "That's gonna' have to change." At the time, I laughed and thought it was just a joke, but she was serious.

About half-way through my senior year, in December, I was wearing a pair of red lace panties. I was hanging out with Helen and her friends at a bench that was near the school. We were having a nice conversation, although a few jokes were made at my expense, since they all knew about my small penis. My girlfriend then announced that I was wearing panties and asked if anyone wanted to see. I begged her not to, but she gave me a wedgie and showed off the red lace panties. I was mortified as her friends laughed and took pictures. The bell rang, so they let me go after that, but I was made fun of whenever I saw them that year.

A few months later, in February, I was wearing a yellow thong, which my girlfriend thought was especially hilarious. I was sitting with Helen and her friends at the bench again, which had become our usual spot in the year. Every day, one of the girls made a point to say, "What panties are you wearing today, *****?" I never answered, but my girlfriend always checked and told them what color they were. This was the first time that she had ever forced me to wear a thong. My girlfriend wouldn't tell her friends when they asked today, so I thought that she might be showing me some mercy. However, I was wrong. When I stood up again, my girlfriend yanked down my jeans as hard as she could and they fell to the ground. The girls burst into hysterical laughter and made fun of my bare *** and the yellow thong. I was made fun of even more than normal for that, sine the girls told a few of their friends, but it didn't get around the entire school, thank God.

The most humiliating incident happened right at the end of my senior year in May. My girlfriend was making me wear a slightly frilly pair of pink lace panties. There was a very attractive teacher in her early thirties named Ms. Hunt that I was friends with and talked to quite frequently. One day, I was talking to her and Helen approached us with her group of friends. Helen had told me that she was a little bit jealous of how much time I spent talking to Ms. Hunt, but I told her that was ridiculous. Her friends quickly surrounded Ms. Hunt and I, so I knew something was about to happen. Then, Helen tugged down my jeans and the pink panties were in plain view of everyone around. Her friends immediately began laughing and Ms. Hunt just stared at the panties for a moment. She then began laughing and pointing at me, which made me turn red. I then got an erection, which Ms. Hunt clearly noticed as her eyes widened. This happened during an off-hour, but the bell suddenly rang at that moment. The hallways quickly became packed and everyone began pointing and laughing at my situation. Helen and her friends then quickly ******** off all of my clothes, except for the panties, and ran off. Ms. Hunt laughed and told me to come with her. She lead me through a crowded hallway full of laughing guys and girls to the principle's office. Eventually, I was given extra clothes and sent home early, but the final week of school was completely humiliating.

I was teased constantly and barely made it through the week. Nothing happened to Helen, since it was the end of the year and I didn't care enough to make sure she got in trouble. I wouldn't talk to her for the entire week and started wearing men's underwear. She knew that she had gone too far and desperately tried to make up for it. It was two weeks later when I finally forgave her. She smiled and said, "I was just trying to give you something memorable, you know? I thought since it was the end of school, it wouldn't haunt you too badly and you could get some real humiliation, since we both like it so much. Besides, you know you loved it when Ms. Hunt pointed and laughed at your pink panties, right?" I hesitated and admitted that the experience was thrilling. We kissed and made up, followed by sex. She always reminds of the incident, which gives me an instant erection, and she humiliates me in some way.
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love you stories what to hear more of what she did to you keep themcomingdawn rachelle

When i was 16 my sisters ages were 15 and 18 and 20 I talked about guys being stronger, smarter and better at things like games and school and fighting than girls. The two younger ones didn't like it and decided to try to overpower me and I laughed in their faces thinking they couldn't (the 20 year old was much more mature as she was/is our guardian but doesn't like my antics too much). It ended up with me slapping the 18 year old and then the 15 year old actually overpowering my to the floor. She bent my arm and made me beg for mercy (both of them did karate for several years while i sat back and told them it was useless). They said to admit girls are better or else, which i refused vigorously. However, my older sister was on their side and told them they could do what they want with me.
They hurt me more and then dragged me to the bathroom. They asked if i'd acknowledge girls are better or at least equal to guys and I refused again.
It ended up with the younger sister giving me a swirlie.
If you don't know what that is, it's something that happens by school bullies. She pushed my head in the toilet and flushed it.
The laughter was so loud and the most humiliating thing is that they took pictures. Using those as blackmail they did it more and made me do other embarrassing things.
Now there's even a youtube video of it
So embarrassing.

you are stupid

I love my girlfriend. But see if she ever made me show my pants to a big group of her friends. and if she some that to me on front of the whole school I would honestly dump her. I felt mortified reading this. And I honestly love her with all my heart but I just couldn't handle it if she thought something like that was okay. Tbh I was so annoyed at her when she would sit and tell random slags at our school about our sex life (Ignoring the kinky and he crossdressing) and even that annoyed me.

I love you

Why thank you!

your luck to have had such a wonderful girlfriend.

Damn, great!

Well honey I think you will find yourself in panties more and more so accept it and enjoy

Dump her right away