I Needed Some

me and a close friend hadn't had any sex in a good while, and we had talked about giving each other head, and possibly *******, i didn't mind the idea so we tried it and we both enjoyed it so we did it a couple times. i enjoyed it a lot he had a massive **** that felt great in my *** but my friend had gone away for a while and i missed his ****, i had been looking thru **** and had seen women sucking and ******* dog ***** and i had a retriever as a pet so i though i would try it. he had a pretty good size **** that i didn't mind sucking, so i did it a few times, and then i thought i would try and c if he would mount me. So one night i got him kind of hard and got on my hands and knees and he hoped on me and started to hump. After several misses i lined his **** up with my *** and he thrust and slid right in, it felt so good. He humped and came over and over again in my ***. But his **** just wasn't quite big enough, so a few nights later i tried again, and this time got him just hard enough to stick him in and then let him go at it. As he started humping his knot filled my *** and felt so great. He humped and came in me until the swelling in his knot went down, so he could pull out. i let him **** me a few times more before my friend came back and we started doing things.
offeringautumn offeringautumn
18-21, M
Sep 5, 2010