At A Sleepover

About a week ago, Me, Kelli, and Lexi decided to have a sleepover at Lexi's house. I got to Lexi's around 7 PM and Kelli arrived soon after me. Anyways, we sat around and watched a few movies before Kelli suggested we play 'Truth or Dare'. We all took our turns with truth in the first round. Then, the second round began which we could say truth or dare. Kelli went first. She said 'Dare'. Lexi then turned to me and asked what kind of dare should she do. Lexi still didn't know me and Kelli wet our pants together. I told Lexi to Dare Kelli to pee her pants.

Kelli looked shocked that Lexi had actually dared her to pee herself. But this was one Dare Kelli didn't want to pass up. Kelli slowly stood up and walked into the bathroom and stood in bathtub. Me and Lexi followed her. Slowly, she spread her legs and began peeing. I could tell Kelli was super embarrassed but she also looked like she enjoyed it.

Now it was Kelli's turn to dare me or Lexi. She chose me and also told me to pee myself. I asked Kelli to move so I could go in the bathroom and pee myself as well. I was less embarrassed than Kelli but I still turned a little red when it was over. Now it was my turn to dare Lexi. She already knew what was coming and walked past me and got in the bathtub and began to pee herself. Me and Kelli were both shocked that she did that.

After we had all peed ourselves, we examined our pee soaked pants and panties. Kelli were the wettest by far followed by mine, then Lexi's. Once we were finished, we all agreed to do it again at our next sleepover.
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13 Responses May 9, 2012

I sometimes pee my tight jeans so naughty but nice feeling

Seriously if there was a video of that it would be insanely popular- even a pic with all 3 of u in wet panties would be totally insane

Sounds great add me please :) thank you

What color and type of panties were you girls all wearing I bet you looked great in ur pee peed undies

very nice!

Please tell us what happened at the next ones! I take it you've done it again?

Fun sleepover

it seems so much fun

how old were you when this took place, did you end up playing with each other>

I might raid the next lol

sounds like you all had fun.

so good can add me as a frend

Should have that on video you'd sell a ton