I met a man on a dating site. As soon as we met, we hit it off. He was single, after getting a divorce from his wife of fourteen years. But as the relationship progressed, he would come to my house and never invite me to his house. He didn't want to invite me to meet his family because he wanted to make sure I was going to stick around. But there were also evenings I would text him and he wouldn't respond until the morning when he was driving to work.
In addition, he never, never picked up the phone when I called him. He frequently ignored my texts for a whole evening and then accused me of causing drama when I got angry and questioned him.
He began to say things to me like that I couldn't run my life and that I was needy.
One time we fought and I texted him later that week to check in. We made plans to meet because it was my birthday soon. But when that day came he told me that he had plans for the next day. He was going to a wedding the next day. All day the next day he was at the wedding and ignored my texts. I even asked him for a selfie in his suit which he refused to take.
He said he was too busy helping with the wedding. I think he must have been there with someone else.
Finally that night I looked him up on Spokeo and people finders and found no divorce decrees for him. His wife was listed as one of his family members. I confronted him about it and he admitted it but later said that he had been sarcastic. I told him I wanted to meet at Starbucks to talk and he was noncommittal. Even though the day before he said he wanted me back in his life. He didn't like life without me he said.
I messaged his wife on Facebook apologizing but never got a response from her. And this past weekend he would not be honest with me about whether he had seen others since we "broke up". I feel so terrible. Not only do I feel that I might have been the other woman, I feel he might have been cheating with other women too. I found profiles on tagged and hi5 on which he had been active. I am so devastated. He told me he loved me. He told me he wanted to marry me and introduce me to his family. He kept on toasting me saying size seven the size of my ring finger. My kids have been hurt by this as well since he was at my house and formed relationships with them. My heart is reeling. How am I supposed to get over this? I thought he loved me. I loved him!
mumziiii mumziiii
41-45, F
Aug 18, 2014