My Newly Found Siblings

I have always thought I was an only child in my family, but I've always wanted a brother or a sister, and my parents knew about that. However, last September, me and my Dad were on holiday and he told me that he had been married twice before he married my Mother and he had three more children besides myself - two girls and one boy. My oldest sister is now in America, married and has two kids, my brother has just graduated from university and my other sister is on her second year of university. I was both happy and devastated when I heard about that - happy because I was not alone and devastated because my parents had lied to me all 17 years of my life.

I had met my brother before Christmas 2009, he is a great guy and I keep in touch with my sisters via E-mail. However, I still cannot forgive my parents for decieving me and now I don't trust them at all. This was the first step to my depression which I think I currently am in.

VampireMystery VampireMystery
Mar 13, 2009