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A cesarean can be a life saving operation and it is major abdominal surgery. It is not a cosmetic procedure and should be looked at as a medical procedure. The risks and complications are heavy. It cuts open the uterus which could cause future pregnancy issues. Repeat c-sections further complicate the scarring in the uterus. This is a major choice that you and your health providers should mutually decide is best not only for the baby but for you as well.

My emergency over three years ago was the result of low communication with the staff. I was dehydrated because of refusal of water, iv drip disconnected, I was forced to lie on my back which caused a lot of stress on my spine and made me pass out a few times, they put me on pitocin which was not monitored, I was administered an epidural too soon which slowed down the contractions, and I was forced to push before I was dilated and ready which caused the baby to be lodged and caused some minor distress. Several issues kept occurring that furthered the complication in surgery. They did not want to wait even though I was laboring on the operating table. So the actual surgery took much longer than the normal time. I was overdosed medication to stop it and numb me which added more problems. There was a lot of screaming, yelling, and fighting going on over me.

Because of their mistake, I have lawsuit written all over my face (I never filed nor do I care to file any lawsuit ever in my lifetime) and people refuse to see me with this new baby. Their mistake is causing me so much trouble just trying to get seen by a reasonable doctor. Fear. If the baby was breech, they would probably be a lot more accepting of me. If I had a normal medical complication, then they would consider this baby's health for a vbac. However, because of any threat to their practice even if I am a nice person...they won't take the chance with me. It's sad that this is what the practice had to be reduced to. But it is no reason to quit. No reason to be let down. There are still options. There are still options out there for me.

My baby is worth the fight for the best possible entrance into this world. And stressing about it will do no good for my baby now. I have to find the positives and fight for it. To fight for us.

Not every woman is the same. Not every pregnancy is the same. Do not believe any statements made public and apply it to you without seeking the right doctor and getting the right kind of informed and educated facts about you specifically and your baby.

Many hospitals are being threatened by lawsuits. These hospitals are being forced to ban VBACs as the blanket protection against their operations being shut down or being slapped with a huge lawsuit. VBAC (which is the process of birthing a child after a previous cesarean) is being banned in many hospitals where I live. About forty percent of the state bans this procedure. Not because it is dangerous but because it is a legal liability.

However, this is a just blanket statement protecting the hospitals from being sued. Many of these hospitals will still do VBAC if you are healthy, your baby is healthy, and you meet the criteria of safe and natural childbirth.

"Failure to perform a timely cesarean section" is the claim made by law firms. What is really happening is that the communication between the mother and professional assistance is cut. The circumstance in these cases are that the child was lodged for a long period of time without intervention which caused the brain damage. 

Oxygen loss to the infant is a case where c-sections need to be performed immediately. On the other hand, saying your baby has a big head is...not urgent of a reason. The view point should be that the child is losing oxygen because of being lodged, stuck, or suffocating on the cord. Or the mother is suffering from dehydration, the child is low on fluids, or the position of laying down is causing complications to the mother's spinal cord, blood pressure...etc...Not that the mother is made wrong or the baby is made wrong. That is cruel to say. Give medical reasons, not blame!

Learning more about your own body and your baby...more so than just development but how your body will or won't work in childbirth can empower you.

It can also give you more emotional stability in the untimely event that you do have to have an emergency c-section.

Ask your doctor to help you bond with your baby after surgery. Your doctor should include you in the process and still let you know how you are doing. They should not push you to breastfeed (they should at least give you the option of when you are ready as there are supplements to start lactating when you are not, you have options, and you should decide because nursing is a very intimate choice) but skin to skin contact is important. Getting someone to help you be close to your baby can help start your bond. You shouldn't feel cheated out of the experience. And you should know what is going on, why it is happening, and how to take care of yourself.

Healing your scar properly (minimizing tearing and motion in the first few weeks) and eating healthy post surgery heightens your chances of having a healthy future pregnancy for you and the baby. So even if something does happen where you do have to have a repeat surgery, your child will have the healthiest start because you were creating it for nine months.

I was still denied by many hospitals. Turned away (rescheduled and rescheduled). My state is the top 2 in high cesarean rates. But my health says VBAC. I will be continuing to find doctors that will look at me specifically and my baby's health instead of looking at me like I am a future lawsuit.

There are many websites that will inform you of all possible situations. The best plan is to find a doctor that will treat you as in individual where the two of you can openly communicate all possibilities instead of fearing a few.

ican-online.org is a great place to start. Find chapters in your area or online forums that will talk with you about all of your options. You'll find yourself relieved and less fearful of the process and all that clouds it.


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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Yes. Maybe a doula because the midwives are under new laws in my state. It's very unfortunate.

Thanks Tiny! That bull they told me about refusing to deliver the baby and turning me away is crap. "We will refuse to take you if you don't allow us to do a c-section. If you show up in labor, we'll refuse medication" That's such a lie. I've heard it from two separate hospitals now. Hospitals don't do that. Liar liar pants on fire!<br><br />
They have to take me if I am in labor! So I called around and there's a few doctors...less than five that will see me. And some midwives that will just track my nutrition. I already planned it. If the baby is healthy, I will labor at home until my water breaks or if there's an emergency. Then I'll deliver at a hospital that allows vbac. No is not a medical reason for a c-section before even checking the baby...before even giving me a positive pregnancy test, lol! They haven't even tested me for pregnancy yet, ha ha ha! And they still said no at the clinic. Oh man oh man! LOL!

I do think the way you get treated during makes a huge difference. Thankfully you were treated well! They told me she was too big (hours before they said she was fine soo that was a sad excuse) but I was laboring her on the table anyway. Some people even if they are small can give birth to large babies and some people can't. The call is hard to make because many things happen in labor.<br><br />
I think in some instances, the doctors make good calls and prevent complications by performing the surgery. But my instance...oh well...so I am hoping that someone will see me and focus on our health and what's best. <br><br />
My scar is almost invisible though. But I worry about the scarring inside and how it is effecting the new baby. That's what I need checked with the doctors.

i had a c-section and my experience thank god was a pretty good one. i had a great doctor and the staff was wonderful. i was induced too, and because i am small and my baby was pretty big and not in the birthing canal, they decided to do it. and my scar isn't bad at all. they made it very small and i can still wear a 2 piece without it showing. i'm sorry for what you went through.