I'm a boy and I was raped and abuse from 11-16 years old age by my uncle .. Now I'm 18 and I'm afraid to see a male . I tried to kill myself several time ..I hate myself and I fantasise of becoming a women
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Don't blame yourself . None if it was in your control, and your uncle should feel very ashamed in himself . It will be okay, I was molested by family too at a young age but I didn't know it was wrong and it was by my aunt on one side of my family and my older girl cousin I was close to. Now I feel attracted to girls which sucks because I have a bf and I love him but it's a struggle to forget and move on. You just need to talk it out with someone you are comfortable telling so you get it off your chest. I hope you stay well and alive because everyone's important. :)