Diapers In Scouts 12 Years Old

Was always a shy boy at school and from 7 never dare put my hand up

to ask for the toilet, so had many poo and wee pants accidents in class
When i joined the scouts to build my confidence i was forced to wear
a nappy under my scout uniform jst in case,all was ok for the first
3 meetings but as usual I never hada poo in the morning at home and
was desperate on parade, so I filled my nappy,got away with it for
about 3 hours whilst sitting down,but one of the older boys smelt it
and told all the others,I was sent home,well actually walked home
with a full poopey saggey diaper under my scout shorts, the best
diaperguyuk diaperguyuk
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Wish I was there when u walked home then I could have changed u b4 u got in & no one would have known u pooped at scouts.<br />
Did your mum clean u up or did you have 2 change yourself?