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Diapered At Summer Camp

i was in the 6th grade (well ,heading to the 7th grade) Summer . ....i got sent to a Catholic Summer Camp for 4 weeks , i was very nervous about it cause i was a bedwetter . i over heard my mother discussing this with the concilor , night came and he asked me if i wore "protection "for my wetting , wich i did not . he asked i i will be ok for the night , i said yes . well of course i woke up wet .. soaked sleeping bag hung outside for everyone to see , ( there was one other who wet also ). well night cam again and we ( me and the other wetter) where called in the concilors room to disscuss our wetting and where told we would have to wear "protection" ... i was very shy and did say anything . he proceeded to open a foot locker filled with diapers cloth mostly and plastic pants and some disposables . he was holding them up to size us up . and then proceeded to tell me ( i went first ) to lay on the bed and pull my shorts down.. and he proceeded to diaper me in a cloth diaper . and was saying dont worry " a lot of boys wet the bed at your age . this will make you more comfortable . so much beter than a soaked sleeping bad blah blah...."
then the other boy got diapered as i watched . heh ... i could barely pull my shorts over the diaper and plastic pants . definetly showing a buldge and had to walk back to my bed. while all the other boys where whispering ..... ( diapers) is all could hear ..... at least i had a freind who was diapered also ....and yes i was wet most morings and back into the concilors room to get my diaper removed.... how embaressing . but it led to me loving diapers i guess !
pamperedchef pamperedchef 46-50, M 1 Response Dec 1, 2010

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