My Babysitter Part 2

k if you haven't read the fist story go read it ok now to the story

it was the second day of nicoles babysitting job and she and i were watching tv when she asked me if i wanted a pul-up i said sure considering i had to take three laxatives because i was really constipated so she put one on me and we continued to watch tv when i had the idea to put a laxative in her water later she walked us to the pool i hade to take of my pul-up and put a water diaper on i was swiming when out of know were i had poop fly out of my butt and into my diaper i didn't care and continued swimming till nicole said k its time to go i walked up to her and said my diaper is full and she said good your not constipated any more we were walking home when nicoles laxative started to kick in then out of know were she ran behind a bush took of her clothes and put one of my pul-ups on and boom it was a big one she said much better and i asked her if she likes my pul-up and she said i do like to wear diapers i was in shock we went home and she cleaned me up and herself up and that was day 2 of my sweet babysitter
part 3 coming soon
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Can I have your babysitter

Cool you got your babysitter to poo in a pull up that's funny

Wow what ababysitter I wish I had one like that when I was young