I Was 7 And Wet The Bed (part 4)

Your gonna be Rlly lost if this is the first one u read
I just wanna start by saying srry it's taken soooooo long but to be honest I Rlly don't like writing this stuff because it brings all my bad memories back but I'll do it for you guys but I have to warn u I'm gonna need a lot of convincing to post anymore ... But here it is
Well it's now Tuesday chloe just left me on the couch witch was a Rlly bad idea because it leaked :( but not only was the a wet diaper it was messy Rlly messy there was **** all over my VG but Chloe cleaned me up and took me to skool in a fresh diaper. (I had those shorts agian) Every time I went to the nurses to get my diaper checked I would try Rlly hard to pee soo i would go in the diaper. Well it worked during skool but the bus :( I was soooo wet I leaked and the whole bus started laughing a 6th grader took a picture of me walking off the bus with wet pants,a red face, and tears all over my face. and I knew if Chloe ever wanted me back to that skool she would have to drag me there and figure out how to keep me there. but I got home and locked myself in my room I even pushed my dresser up against the door, she picked the lock but couldn't get the door open u know how in movies they put chairs under the door knob, well if u do it right it works there just has to be something behind it hence the dresser. believe it or not I cried sooo much that I feel asleep and she got the ladder and climed through my window (I'm rally hevy sleeper once im out I'm out) when I woke up I had a clean diaper on, my room was normal and ther was a note "Kelsey, honey it's ok if u don't wanna talk there is food on your dresser and extra diapers in ther for u I. Not gonna make u go to skool and ur mother has agreed with me I just wanna let u know I can't help if u won't talk" I check the clock it was one in the after noon it must have been 6 when I passed out wow 16 hrs I ate and agian I felt the warm mush on my *** and went down stairs and asked her to change me she said of course we talked I cried agian and told her never I agian would I go back o that skool she said "I know that y ur mom is hireing me as ur new home skool teacher (did I mention Chloe just graduated as a techer well she couldn't get a job sooo she was now my techer / nanny) my wetting stop when I was 11 and is now back I'm in a real skool now but Chloe's available agian and I might need to go back
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hi there dear thank for sharing that story i am sarry you had to go through that and by you sharying your stoey you do help others to know that they are not alone and you just might make a new friend by sharing your dtory that have the same prob as you and my hat is off too you and your teacher friend she is a grate purson with a big hart i am bladder incon 24/7 and i wish you the best of luck hun

Thanks for sharing so much

I feel for you, Kelsey.
When I was 17, I had to get my appendix removed. They did a Laproscopy instead of an Appendectomy, so they made 3 small incisions versus 1 large incision. Well, they screwed something up, because since then, it has hurt to hold my bladder, so I couldn't hold it for long. So I started wearing diapers. At first, I was soooo scared my friends would find out, but after a while, I found that they made me feel safer knowing that if I had an accident, my friends wouldn't know it. I'm 19 now, and still relying on diapers, full time now. I have to use multiple diapers at a time to sleep, otherwise my bed is soaked when I wake. I've accepted my problem, and grown to embrace it, too.
If you'd like to talk more, please friend me. I'd enjoy talking to you.

24/7 best thing for you until you can get full control back. :-) Thanks for sharing.

I liked both your stories and I hope you keep writing . Thanks for sharing.


thanks for sharing this story with us

I wet the bed up until about age 12. Until age 7 or so, it was at least 3-4 times a week but after that it was only about 2-3 times a month.

Finally around age 12 or so it was only maybe once a month.

I know its embaressing, but if your not feeling embaressed, do you enjoy it at all? Once i turned around age 12, I found out I loved pooping my pants on purpose, and I always secretly enjoyed peeing my pants. But It was VERY embaressing, and my family and friends were very mean about it, not many of them knew once i got into middle school thankfully!

If you enjoy it, then you should try not to feel so weird about it, try to just accept it! Also I remember one 'trick' to helping you stop doing it accidentally......try holding onto your pee as long as you can but without wetting yourself...every single time! Try to hold it a little longer and a little longer, it will make your bladder stronger. If you dont like wetting yuorself, try not to drink hardly any water through out the day, only in the morning, and when your home and have easy access to the bathroom.

hope it helps, kids can be real mean......just try to remember that when another kid makes fun of you.....they are really sad on the inside too and have problems of there own that they choose to be mean to others to try to make themselves feel better. Just don't acknoledge mean people, and they will go away. just treat them like they dont exist.

Im hoping to become a school teacher some day too, hope all gets better for you! Also if you are still leaking at night, they have REALLY absorbent diapers you can wear at nighttime, so you don't get all wet.

my names chloe too! how weird ;D