Diapered By Babysitter, Made Dl

When I was 4 years old was the first time I remember being babysat overnight. My parents had to work late, so my mom told me I was having a sleepover at my babysitter, Joy's house. But every time I went to her house, her kids, Joseph was 5 and John was 8 , would make me eat dirt, tie me to a tree root, etcetera (typical kids). But this time, I went over at night, so we were inside. At first, I thought "They can't mess with me inside." I was mistaken; they told me the house was haunted right before I went to bed! Even though the house wasn't haunted, I was 4; I didn't know the difference! It scared me bad enough to not want to sleep there. I told my babysitter "I want to go home", and she said "You can't, because your parents aren't there. Now go to sleep." That scared me worse! I thought the ghost got them! I was up all night screaming and bawling. About an hour or so of crying for my mom (and being ignored), I found that I had voided my bladder all over their couch. (Oops) Funnily enough, I went to sleep after that.
The next morning, my mom came and got me. I was so relieved she was ok. The next night, my parents had to work late, AGAIN! My mom dropped me off at Joy's house around 3:00p.m. Joy was waiting for me at the gate at the end of her driveway. She and I waived to my mom as she drove away. She then walked me down the driveway, holding my hand as she said "There's an issue that needs to be addressed when we get into the house, ok?" "O... K...?" I replied.
I guess she found that I peed on her couch, because when we went inside, she sat her sons and I down in the living room and said "Wait here", as she went into her bedroom to get something. A moment later, see came out with a package of Huggies GoodNights diapers, and she said "After last night, I've decided I would be more comfortable if you wore these from now on when you're here." I said "I don't want to. I won't do it again. Please don't make me. Please!" She replied "It's not your choice to pee yourself, and just the same, it's not your choice now. Now come on, let's go get you changed." I started crying as I went with her into her bedroom, but I looked back at the boys, expecting to see them snickering and mocking me, but they were silent, with a look of understanding and compassion on their faces. Something was different.
As she was diapering me, I was still whining, and I said "I don't want to wear a diaper. The boys will make fun of me." She replied, in a compassionate tone "I don't think they will." I asked "Why do you think that?" And she looked at me, sighed, and said "Because they still have to wear them, too." I couldn't believe it! I said "Even John?!?" "Especially John" she replied. She applied the A&D, baby powder, and then the diaper. She then put me in plastic pants, rubber pants, and my Spider-Man Footy pajamas, and said "If you have to poop, just go. I'll change you again before bed. And you don't have worry about being embarrassed about this kind of thing aroung them, because they understand. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just better not to talk about it with them."
As I walked back into the living room, crinkling as I moved, noticeably uncomfortable and embarrassed, the boys looked at me, then looked at each other, nodded slightly, and stood up and walked over to me, and John said "You don't need to feel embarrassed here; we all wear them. Since we all wear them, it's no stranger than if none of us wore them. Just don't worry about it. Relax. You'll forget you're wearing one soon enough." Then Joseph said "Yeah, just don't think about it. It's easy! Now let's go play Hide & Seek!"
After about 3 hours of playing outside with the boys, Joy called us in for dinner. After dinner, I helped Joy do the dishes, while the boys cleaned up around the house.
After the dishes, Joy ran a bath for me, and called me into her bedroom and said "Now let's get you out of that diaper and into the bath." I said "Huh? Oh. Yeah." John was right; I had completely forgot that I was wearing diaper! As she took it off of me, she said with a chuckle "My my my! It looks like you REALLY had to go!" And I was REALLY surprised; my diaper was FULL! Number one AND two! When could that have happened?!? I didn't know! I couldn't remember doing it, AND I couldn't feel it! Was I hypnotized? If so, was it Joy? Was it John? Could it have been both? I don't know, but at the time, my mind was racing, and my body frozen in place, it seemed. When she got done wiping me, she gave me a bath, got me re-diapered and in my PJ's, and put me to bed. This time, the boys and I all slept on the living room floor, them being diapered just like me, Joseph wearing a GoodNight over a cloth diaper (he was a really heavy wetter) under his white-and-red footy pajamas, and John wearing a cloth diaper under his 2-piece PJ's.
The next morning, we all woke up at same. We all sat up, and looked down at our laps. We then looked at each other; without words, we all knew: we were all soaked. When we were all up, John turned to me and said "We're sorry that we've been so mean to you in the past. I promise that we won't be that way to you ever again. I'll go let my mom know we're up now, so she can change you two."
From then on, whenever I went to be babysat at Joy's house, I was diapered. Every time I spent the night, I soaked my diaper. John and Joseph were never mean to me again, just as they promised. John stopped using diapers that year. Joseph continued to need diapers until a week before his eighth birthday. Even though I was babysat by her until I was 7, being diapered every time (and using them every time), the boys never made fun of me. I found comfort in diapers, a comfort that made me want to spend most of my childhood over at Joy's house. I was devastated when they moved away, so much so, that I wet my bed at home every night for a month, until my mom made me feel horrible and humiliated for wetting the bed. That got to stop. I was devastated, I think, because because I lost my best friends, friends with understanding unlike any other, but also I lost a comfort I had for 3 full years. A comfort not to be had again for 10 years. When I was 17, I needed to have my appendix taken out. During the surgery, something happened to cause me to need diapers again. I am 19 now, and I've been using them ever since. I finally got my comfort back!

That's my experience. Not a fantasy. It actually happened to me. My name is Joseph Bach (And no, I'm not the Joseph in the story), and I love wearing diapers.
Have a nice diapered Day.
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I also was a bed wetter from 7-8 I know how it feels

exalenta! great story! I know how it is to loose a best friend that was like-minded as I was young.

I was a bed-wetter till age 7-8, and I really did need to be wearing diapers at night, but my parents didn't want to do that as they thought it was too baby of thing, even though our housemaid had to do most of the washing/cleaning when I wet the bed. Instead my mom tried to humiliate me instead to make me stop, but putting one diaper on me and yelling at me for being a "big baby" which didn't work to stop my bedwetting. But I secretly enjoyed wearing the diapers that night and felt so good in that "comfort zone" as well. Too bad it couldn't become just a normal thing and not be scolded for something I couldn't control at the time.

Today I have a box of depends besides my bed in case I ever feel the need for that comfort, or to control an accident. I almost did awhile back given my mind worked the need to pee into a dream I was having, and dreamed I was in the bathroom and was okay to go pee. I was lucky my bladder control didn't let go! But just in case I wore a diaper to bed the next night in case I had the same dream! Plus as my LBG self I love wearing big diapers with pretty diaper covers under a fairly short dress. I feel so cute when dressed that way! Of course they must be styled to fit my girl parts I have now as well.

Seems like Joy was a very understanding mom, and simply recognized your situation for what it was, a boy who still was not ready to leave the comfort of their diaper! I do wonder what they did when removing your appendix to make you lose control of your bladder, so does a nerve to your bladder run near there that they cut by accident?

I think I would loved to have been there in that situation with you.

Please let me know what you think, everyone.