Diapered At My Aunts

My aunt was babysitting me because my mom worked and since I was always over there when she was babysitting me I wet myself pretty bad my pants were covered I was maybe eight years old and I got scolded at by my aunt then she spanked my and then she yelled at me an told be to put on this pink disney princesses pull ups and I told her no but she didn't care
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6 Responses Dec 22, 2012

That's cool I would be lucky

hope you couldn't sit for 2 days bad bad boy

I wear pink disney princesses pull ups I love them because there so cute.

Wow what do you get when you wet the bed.

I tried to send you a message saying I would like to be your friend but couldn't I hope you accept my friend request

How long did you have to wear them for

That doesn't seem that bad did she baby you any other way or were your dipes it

There's a NAME for that. It's called "diaper punishment". It's done by people who have control issues (my opinion) and want to make others feel inferior and powerless. A lot of times it backfires because lil kids are waaaay smarter than adults and a lot of times a diaper is exactly what the kid wants. The adult thinks "I'll show YOU who's in charge!" and the kid thinks "I'll show you who's in charge!" lol