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my mom and dad went out fore 2 weeks and i was sent to my friends house and he nose that i have wetting proples so when my parents dropped me off and left we went to go play video games and he said he would be right back and when he came back he had six bags of diapers and baby powder and some other stuff and he said come here i need to check you so i did because i get checked every 25 min. at home so i did but i forgot to but on a diaper but then he took me up to his room and just so you now my mum would let me ware undies because i was at a friends house so he says to me that if i will be living under his roof i will have to lison to him and then he grabbed me and tied me down so i could int move and he took off all my close and says that you will ware nothing accept you diapers now the diapers he got were pampers pull ups so they did fit me so he cleans me up and buts a diaper and then i was treated like a baby and i had to seat in a high chair and go to bed at 6:00 and eat baby food now if you read my other story's you will see that i wet like 50 times a day and i did so every day he would hit me in the butt if i wet my diaper and he would check me every 15 min. and almost every time i would have i wet diaper i think that i was not wet 5 times that whole 2 weeks of night mare and he told me mum that i was wetting all the time which she now and that i need to just ware nothing except diapers so my mum dose that most of the time now and sometimes i get to ware close if i don't wet for half a day witch dose not happen a lot.
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you sound like a young man that got a raw deal,I would have had you for a short while and helped you to be as normal as poss.

LOL yes little buddy part of it is probably my spider sense he he. The reason I don't buy your story is because I don't see how on earth your friends parents would allow him to treat you like this. The fact that your friend tied you down and took off all your cloths sounds too much like something out of a bondage story. Also, how did your friend conveniently plan for you to be there by buying diapers? Where did he get the high chair from? Was it from the attic? Did he have a younger brother? If he is about the same age as you, unless he is like ten times bigger then you couldn't you have stopped him from spanking you after you wet your diaper? How did your friend get all the money to pay for all this stuff from the baby food, diapers, and everything if your friend is only 13 years old? Did his parents lend him the money? Diapers, baby food, and all the other stuff is very expensive so I don't see how he would have bought this? I must admit though I did get a good laugh when he said that you were living under his roof because it is not his roof it is parents roof so what control did he have over you? I am sorry there are just so many questions and things that don't make sense. I have heard these same Deeker stories from people before numerous times with people trying to make some fantasy seem real and it really annoys me. Now I have no problem with you being bladder incontinent (even though there is still no medical reason for you to be so during the day) I just have a problem with you making up stories to go along with it. Now if I am wrong then I am wrong, but I just don't see how I am.<br />
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If this is story is true (which I highly doubt it is) then you really need to get a new friend now, because this guy is clearly not your friend if he is going to be doing this to you. Friends are people you can trust and are there for you, they don't treat you like dirt like this guy did.<br />
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