Sissy Bed Wetting Husband

Iam trying this on my husband this weekend and have him diapered all of the time this wekend and keep him in some cute nursery print plastic panties over his diapers with a dress that i got for him and even madeup his fave a little and he looks quite the sissy and he says that he feels really humiliated but is ok with it.
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You should place a nylon slip inside the front of his diaper, that way he can still feel the silkiness of being a true sissy while he is wearing his diaper & sissy clothes. And it also keeps him hard too. Try it he will enjoy it for sure.

Another good story. I could read your stuff over and over again. I like your stories.<br />
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Thanks, spankbudy

I just LOVE the Sissy aspect of all this. Women that Femkinize their males are the Leaders of the 21st Century. Now that he is Diapered, I hope you will totally Feminize him as well. Female Power and Male Submissiveness is the Way of the 21st Century!

Thank you and you are right about thepower that it gives me when he is diapered and in girls plastic panties over his thick diapers plus a simple dress.

You have the power to parade him around in front of your friends. even change his wet diapers in front of others and he can't do anything about it.

Did the baby sitter do anything with you while your wife was away?

wow. i cant belive it.adults wearing that id have to see for myself, what would be the reason behind this, and do they even make them that size.hummm

You can search for adult baby sites on line. Also adult diapers and plastic pants. Most sissy's wear them as part of their S O controlling their guys more. And also they are used for adults that have an incontinent problem too.
Sometimes you can find them at a medical health store, look for them in your yellow pages. Let me know I can give you a few good websites.

do you have any pictures of him in his diaper and dress ?

I think you are a wonderful wife to him

Thank you though some times he would disagree with you as he gets pretty humiliated at times when seen in his diapers by others and some of the things that i insist on him complying with,

Of course he must comply. Total obedience is good for the soul of all submissive males. The humiliation is actually a turn-on for them and you are perceptive to insist. He will be a perfectly-trained, obedient pet and worship you for it.

I will

Sissy pee on the bed with your hosband he will love it